Main Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

Main Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

The use of Artificial Intelligence in marketing is increasingly common, as well as related sciences (deep learning, machine learning, and predictive analysis) and in the future it will be increasingly important to make decisions based on data.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows machines to imitate and even improve some “cognitive” functions that humans use to “perceive,” “reason,” “learn,” and “solve problems.”

The very prominent definition of AI was that of John McCarthy , who together with Marvin Minsky, created the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. In 1956 he spoke of the term as: “a world in which machines will be able to solve the types of problems that were reserved for human beings.”

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing: Most Common Applications

Content creation

In marketing, there are numerous Artificial Intelligence tools to create personalized content adapted to each audience, since they can take into account variables such as browsing data or recent searches.

Some examples of AI applications in content generation marketing applications:

  • Articoolo: A platform that generates content from scratch or rewrites something from any proposed topic, quickly.
  • Concured: This program distributes pre-existing content in an intelligent manner based on audience desire.
  • Phrasee: A platform that generates content for social networks, emails and push notifications.
  • Lumen5: It is a platform for generating audiovisual content from already existing content.
  • Doofinder: Internal search engine in ecommerce, which allows users to find what they are looking for more quickly and efficiently.

Content Suggestions

Content filtering allows others to be suggested taking into account the user’s tastes and preferences.

Through the application of Artificial Intelligence in the creation of content, different types of content can be filtered and optimized so that each client has a particular and unique experience with respect to the message they receive. Once all customer data has been collected and analyzed using artificial intelligence, without human involvement you can generate personalized content, gather information and even create new content from it.

Of course, it is necessary to create valuable content and AI is a great ally for this, since it can automatically select the content of greatest importance to the user and focus on it.

With all this, the task of creating and planning content and strategies is much easier. Identifying each of them is the main task of Artificial Intelligence within content marketing , so that it is truly personalized, achieving more interactions and therefore greater sales.

Email Marketing And Marketing Automation

Sending emails to a contact database and marketing automation are processes that use different technological platforms and programs in order to automate the different marketing stages.

Marketing deals with interactions between companies and people, and its role is to help achieve business objectives by creating an increasingly intelligent, safe and fluid customer experience, thereby achieving benefits for companies.

AI has allowed professionals to develop new techniques to design marketing campaigns, personalizing promotional campaigns, better segmenting different user data, improving customer satisfaction…

Therefore, the advantages that can be named of marketing automation with Artificial Intelligence are:

  • Which allows you to centralize and make available various information.
  • Greater efficiency
  • Personalize the conversation (allow you to collect and analyze a wide variety and amount of customer data)
  • Campaign optimization (external user data, internal data and third party data)
  • Increases customer loyalty (competition is unquestionable and the development of social networks has made the fight to retain customers even stronger)
  • Optimal organizational processes (rapid access to real data from your clients)
  • Save of time and money

On the other hand, in a marketing strategy, to make it as natural as possible, different types of capabilities need to be enhanced:

  • Analytics (which is surpassed by AI thanks to the computational capabilities of machines).
  • Creative (it is the most complicated to simulate by AI, because it is the capacity that the person develops the most).
  • Technological (develops marketing and sales actions, in a personalized and automated way. And this field will be fully equipped with Artificial Intelligence).

Improved Search Experience

The use of this AI technology to interact through virtual assistants, as is already known, is applied to internet search by voice, as a new way of browsing the internet, without needing to write using a keyboard.

A very useful way to apply it within content marketing is by adding these virtual assistants to provide immediate response to users, since they have changed the way they search for information or browse the Internet, with wireless options and voice commands.

SEO is extremely important in content marketing, so today it is essential that companies join these search strategies through technologies like this to stay on trend.

Digital Advertising

The advertising platforms Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter already use machine learning to better segment campaigns and achieve greater conversion. Digital advertising is the area of ​​digital marketing that has most adopted AI-based tools.

Although cookies are going to disappear, Artificial Intelligence will continue to drive digital advertising with predictive analysis to identify users and groups of users based on behaviors and interests. Google will launch the FLOC project, to identify users in groups (called cohorts) with common interests, based on their behavior and interaction.

Some examples of Digital Advertising Artificial Intelligence applications are:

Adext, to optimize campaigns on Google and Facebook

Albert, to automate and optimize the performance of campaigns on Google, Social Ads and programmatic advertising.

Exod, to automate Facebook Ads campaigns.

Large corporations have already been ahead for a few years, implementing custom-made applications that use Artificial Intelligence, using the services of large cloud technology platforms for companies, such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Amazon AWS, Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

Response Automation (chatbots)

Programmatic advertising makes use of Artificial Intelligence using cookies, chatbots and deep learning techniques to access information from multiple sources, applications and channels to serve advertising in the most personalized way possible, according to audience demand.

For a few years now, it has been possible to use virtual assistants through voice commands, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. This is applied so that they can not only understand the user’s order, but also analyze and respond coherently to what the user needs. Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa are one of the most used among users

However, its application and the lesser need for human beings in certain strategies has created fear that it could soon replace them and significantly reduce jobs. But this is not really the case, AI must be taken as a very effective help at work to save time, searches, analysis and work.

User Experience (UX)

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is currently applied in all sectors, from banking and electronic commerce, to the field of entertainment, online games, shopping, chat, virtual aids… Over the last few years, it has proven to be a technology of great benefits for content marketing. And the user experience is very important so that the user continues browsing, what he sees catches his attention, hooks him, and makes the experience he is having comfortable and easy to carry out.

Although there are many examples of marketing applications with AI, we must not forget that the leading companies in the use of AI in Marketing are the social networks Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and CRM’s such as Salesforce and HubSpot, in the area of ​​predictive analysis. . Closely followed by technology companies that have come out of the screen and launched their own voice assistant: Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Like any technology, AI will lead users to adapt in order to stay within the trends and both content and digital marketing will have to resort to it to generate more effective and successful results.

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