Is Bitcode Prime The Best Trading Platform?

Is Bitcode Prime The Best Trading Platform?

Trading cryptocurrencies and other digital assets are the new normal in this era. Everything is nearly digitalized nowadays, so this is the right time to update our living standards and match them with the world around us. Traditional trading is also digitalized now by social media. The trading strategies of people are now trendy, and everyone is doing his full efforts in learning new technologies. People are now opting for digital trading known as crypto trading. Cryptocurrency has now a world full of amazing learning and trading opportunities. Even the governments have now understood the assignment and have legalized cryptocurrencies as they know the future belongs to them. If you still do not know how to trade digital coins, you can join any digital platform which is dealing with the trade of cryptocurrencies like Bitcode Prime. 

Bitcode Prime

Bitcode Prime is known as the intellectual trading platform that has introduced its trading opportunities with CFD trading. We say that this is the first and the best trading platform which is offering this kind of trading. You don’t invest any kind of money in CFD trading. Contract for difference (CFD) trading is a crypto trading strategy in which the trader only foresees the prices of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. You don’t play it with making flukes rather you do a deep market analysis. And in this analysis, Artificial intelligence and other advanced blockchain technologies help you out. 

The software of Bitcode Prime is automated and under the influence of AI, hence no difficulty comes forward in making an analysis. AI scans the digital market by itself and makes algorithms out of the market data. These algorithms are in the form of graphs and tables that highlights the important events happening in the digital market. along with that, they do tell us about the past and present price movements of various cryptocurrencies. With an understanding of algorithms, predictions are made. if the prediction made by you or by the bot proves right, you earn money. As mentioned earlier, Bitcode Prime is an automatic trading platform, there’s an option for manual trading and automatic trading. Both AI and bots are used. You execute the trades manually in the former one and trades are executed automatically in the latter one. 

 When you get your hands on such an easy-going trading platform, you don’t go elsewhere and stick to it. Bitcode Prime helps a user to earn more than $1300 per trading session. Its trading features are not only limited to CFD trading. You can buy, sell, and trade multiple cryptocurrencies with Bitcode Prime. In all of them, the scanning strategy of AI remains nearly the same. Choose the one which suits you best and helps you best in becoming financially stable. To be part of Bitcode Prime’s community, you need to register with it. 

Registration process

If you truly want to do crypto trading with Bitcode Prime, you need to register with it, only then you can start your digital trading with it. for this, you need to visit its official website and see what to do for registration. But here we have simply explained some steps for you.

  1. Join Bitcode Prime by filling out an application form or a dialogue box available on the homepage of Bitcode Prime. 
  2. The form will ask for your first name, last name, country name, mobile phone number, email address, etc. email ID is asked to send you a confirmatory email. When the confirmation is done, you can start your trading session with Bitcode prime.
  3. You need a capital investment of a minimum of 250 rupees to start a trading session. This money is used to buy crypto coins.
  4. When the money is added, set your preferences for how you want the system to trade for you and press the start live trading icon from the dashboard. Trading will start automatically then.
  5. With Bitcode Prime, the biggest advantage you get is its demo feature. With the demo trading feature, you can test the software’s efficiency and trading strategies before going live for trading. Always use it and then go for a live trading session. 

What are the Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcode Prime?

1. On which device I can download Bitcode Prime? 

Bitcode Prime does not have any mobile application to date. This is a web-based and designed software to enhance its reach on all devices. On all digital smart devices, Bitcode Prime can be operated through the browser. Of course, your device should have an internet connection as well. 

2. Do I need a separate account or card to withdraw money?

No! with your local bank account you can transact your money from the crypto account. All you need to do is to transfer the money from a digital crypto account to a local account. You can make transactions via PayPal, Credit cards, master cards, and Local bank wires as well.

3. How much money I must pay to operate it?

No money is charged for registration. It is free of cost. you can open an account with Bitcode Prime whenever you want with zero fees. And no mysterious charges.

4. Will I be given customer support service?

Yes! a team is available 24/7 to solve your queries. You can contact the team whenever you desire so. The team is very responsible and active in answering complaints. 

5. How much commission does Bitcode Prime charge?

From your earned profit, you will pay 0.1% as a commission. The remaining profit will be yours. if you are not earning any profit, you will not pay any commission and can use the software interface for free.

Pros of Bitcode Prime

  • Trading of multiple cryptocurrencies is possible including BTC, IOTA, ETH, NEO, EOS, etc.
  • Available all over the globe
  • Reputable brokers are present to help
  • Money can transact 24/7
  • Software will not ask for prior experience
  • Platform is legitimate


  • Web-based software
  • The initial capital investment of $250 is high

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