8 Essential SEO Tricks To Position Your Website On Google

8 Essential SEO Tricks To Position Your Website On Google

SEO Tricks: You finally have your website or your online store. Only you know how many hours you have dedicated to it: working on the texts, photographs, designing an attractive yet functional website. It was a true work of goldsmithing: but you have achieved it, you already have it. Now you start thinking: how do I get my potential clients to find it? Surely, the first thing you will do is share the link on your social networks or among your contacts via WhatsApp or Telegram, but it will probably not be enough.

You know that thousands of people search on Google every day for that product or service that you offer and that you explain in such detail on your website. Now you only need one thing: to be found.

What Is SEO?

SEO –Search Engine Optimization– is a set of techniques and procedures that will help you optimize your website to appear higher in the results pages of search engines like Google. An attractive design, persuasive texts and striking photographs will make your website attractive to your users: a website optimized based on SEO will make it attractive to Google. That is, if your website is well optimized, it will be better valued by the internet giant and will be positioned more favorably, thus making it easier for users to find it.

So that your website does not go unnoticed in the search engine search engine, today we propose 5 essential tricks that will make you’re positioning take off. Take note!

Optimize Your Texts

You have made your texts persuasive, attractive to your potential clients. Now it’s your turn to make them accessible and attractive to Google. How to get it?

  • First of all, be clear about the keywords you want to rank for and make sure they are present in your content.
  • Use H tags and bold to highlight headlines and key concepts: this way the search engine will recognize their importance.
  • Avoid duplication of content (both inside and outside your website. IMPORTANT: it is strictly prohibited to copy texts from other websites, especially if they are better positioned than yours).
  • Includes internal links. That is, make your texts link to other pages within your own website.

Optimize Your Images

  • Reduce the weight of your images so they load faster. If you work with Word Press you can use a plugin like Imagify or WP Smush. If you work on any other platform, you can use some of the tools available online.
  • Use alt and title tags to describe the purpose and content of your images.
  • Make sure the file name relates to the content of the image and avoid special characters such as ñ, umlauts, or underscores.

Optimize Your URLs

  • Don’t use special characters or underscores in your URLs. To separate terms, it is better to use the middle dash (-).
  • Make your URLs clear and not excessively long.
  • Periodically review your links and URLs to avoid 404 errors: Remember this when deleting content: if it’s already indexed, people will probably try to access it and discover that the page has been removed.

Install An SSL Certificate

What was once a recommendation has now practically become an obligation? The SSL certificate protects the data on your website and the data transfer with your users: it makes it encrypted. Once installed, your website will appear as https instead of http and will be marked as secure in the users’ browser. This is important, not only for the SEO of your page, but also for the reputation of your brand: a website without an SSL certificate or with an expired certificate will show users in any browser a “not secure website” warning and this It will damage your brand image and undermine user trust.

Use Google Search Console

One of Google’s free tools is Google Search Console. With this tool, you can manually index your website by sending its sitemap and also check how many times it has appeared in Google search results and in which search strings it has appeared. For example, if you have an online store of gourmet products, you will be able to know if users have found you on Google by searching for “grocery stores”, a specific brand of anchovies or “gourmet products at home”. This will be very useful when optimizing the texts and keywords on your page, as well as to improve your digital marketing strategy in terms of search engine advertising (SEM).

Be Mindful Of How Quickly Your Website Loads.

We all know that no one waits more than a few seconds for a web page to load. After this time, close it and look for another one. That easy. But not only this: a slow loading speed will not only cause us to lose traffic substantially, but it will also make Google position us worse, since within its algorithm, it takes into account the loading speed of the pages.

To make your website load faster, the first and most important thing is that you hire a quality server. Likewise, if you work with Word Press, you can install a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Fastest Cache. Believe us: the difference will be substantial.

In addition, to optimize the loading speed of your website, Google offers you the free Page Speed Insights tool where you can analyze your website and its loading speed (both on desktop and mobile) and receive advice for its optimization.

Worry About The Responsiveness Of Your Page

If years ago practically all users accessed the Internet from their computer, today the reality is very different: more than half of users usually access it from their smartphone or tablet. This is why having a responsive website has become a must for your SEO positioning. It is important not only to design your website in a responsive way (adaptable to different devices depending on the size of their screen), but also to pay special attention to the elements within these versions: ensuring that the texts are easily readable or that the elements are actionable. (Buttons, links, etc.) Are large enough and distanced from each other.

Develop A Link Building Strategy

Last but not least, you must get backlinks for your website. This is part of off-page SEO. That is: links to your website from other pages. The greater the online reputation of the page that includes a link to your website, the more it will benefit you’re positioning. Therefore, it is not only important to get links, but we must also ensure that they are of quality.

On the Internet you will surely find pages where you can buy backlinks, but we strongly recommend that you avoid those that offer you many “quality” links at a very low cost. In the end, as the popular saying goes, “cheap is expensive.”

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