Benefits Of Browser Testing

Benefits Of Browser Testing

Cross browser testing is the process of testing web apps and websites across a variety of browsers, operating systems/platforms, and devices to ensure that they function properly in all of them. Cross browser testing has long been an important part of how websites and web apps are designed, developed, and tested because each web browser renders websites differently.

However, if you’re unsure about the difference between manual and automated cross-browser testing, this should be a no-brainer. Cross browser testing has become an increasingly important area for businesses to stay ahead of the competition by ensuring that their web applications and websites work equally well across all recent browser types and versions. You can’t afford to ignore cross browser testing whether you’re building a brand new website/web app or running an existing one.

Simultaneous Test Execution Allows For More Efficient Testing.

The most difficult aspect of automation testing is scalability. It’s the need to run each and every test across all possible combinations of different browsers, their various versions, operating systems, devices, and platforms that makes it a time-consuming and tedious task. What’s worse, every time a new build or a hotfix is released that requires testing, your testing team will have to re-run all of those tests across all of those browser combinations.

You can easily overcome this problem by utilising automation. Automated cross-browser testing allows you to run parallel tests across multiple combinations quickly and efficiently, resulting in much faster delivery.

Time And Money Are Saved.

Cross-browser testing frequently necessitates mundane and repetitive tests, which can be tedious and time-consuming if performed manually. You can not only save time but also improve return on investment by identifying and automating all of the common tests that need to be repeated across all browser combinations (ROI).

Increased Test Coverage

One of the major challenges with cross browser testing, as previously mentioned, is the need to execute and re-execute tests across numerous combinations of browsers, platforms, and devices. Due to a lack of time, testing teams are frequently forced to skip some of these combinations. However, you can quickly eliminate this bottleneck by utilising automation testing. For example, if you need to run a 30-minute test across 15 different browser combinations but only have four hours to do so, automation is your best bet because parallel test execution allows you to complete the task much faster and more efficiently.

Test Results That Are More Accurate

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty! Even the most seasoned testers are capable of allowing a defect to slip through the cracks due to a temporary lack of focus or oversight. Any such human errors can be completely avoided with automation. Because your test automation tool is free of human emotions that often lead to oversight — such as boredom, fatigue, or stress — this can result in improved test accuracy.

With Fewer Resources, You Can Get More Testing Done.

This is a benefit that applies to any type of test automation, but it is especially true for cross-browser tests. You’ll need far fewer testers if you use test automation to run your cross compatibility tests than you would if you did it manually. As a result, faster test execution is possible, which not only scales but also saves time and money.


Cross browser testing is not just for making sure your websites/web apps are responsive; it’s also for removing the guesswork from your web development process. There are dozens of possible browsers, as well as an infinite number of browser/platform/device combinations, but automated cross browser testing makes testing all of these options much easier.

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