The Best 55 Inch TV – Comparison, Test, Opinion 2022

The Best 55 Inch TV – Comparison, Test, Opinion 2022

Are you planning to buy a 55-inch TV but having trouble choosing the right model from so many options?

Don’t worry, we are here to guide you!

Comparison Of The Best 55-inch TVs

Samsung Crystal UHD 2020 – Best of All

Connections: Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB and WiFi

You will love watching TV with the 4K resolution of the Samsung Crystal UHD 2020. This 55-inch TV guarantees total immersion with its deep and natural colors, thanks to its HDR 10+ technology. Its Tizen operating system is an intuitive interface that allows easy access to its various functions and applications.

The Multi view function is an interesting option, duplicating the screen of your smartphone on that of the television to share the viewing of your photos and videos with the whole family. Its possibilities of use are increased thanks to its rich connectivity made up of USB ports, HDMI ports, Ethernet port, Bluetooth and WiFi. For many, the best 55-inch TV is the Samsung Crystal UHD 2020.

Why buy the product?

High resolution: enjoy a high quality image! The 4K resolution of this 55-inch TV will blow you away. Your favorite movies and series will be savored in incredible detail.

Sharper and deeper: Thanks to HDR 10+ technology, dark scenes will look more clearly. Also, it will reproduce over a billion colors with a high level of purity.

Tizen OS: Menu navigation is very intuitive with the Tizen OS. In addition, the test of the 55-inch TV shows that it is very easy to install new applications to extend its functionality.

Multi view: by integrating the Multi view function, this model offers you the possibility of duplicating the screen of your smartphone on that of the television. It’s a great way to view your photos and videos with the whole family, but also to use the phone on a bigger screen.

Rich connectivity: extend the possibilities of using your television! Its rich connectivity will allow you to connect this 55-inch TV with different devices. It is equipped with, among other things, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, an Ethernet port and Bluetooth technology.

Voice assistant: this 55-inch TV is one of the most modern in this comparison by integrating the Alexa voice assistant. Many users have given it the best reviews as it allows you to listen to music, news, know the weather forecast and control a wide variety of digital devices simply by using your voice.

Remote control: a practical remote control which allows very easy access to the applications accompanies the product.

What don’t we like?

No wall mounting kit: the device can only be placed on the table, because it does not come with a kit for wall mounting.

Philips 55PUS6754 – Best value for money

Connections: HDMI, USB and WiFi

If you’re looking for the best value for money 55-inch TV in 2022, then the Philips 55PUS6754 is the one for you. Its 4K Ultra HD resolution will make you watch every scene of your movies with a high level of detail. It displays deeper and sharper colors, thanks to HDR 10+ technology.

You will enjoy surround sound as it works with the Dolby Atmos standard. Watching your movies or series promises to be more immersive. The 55-inch TV is also capable of creating a unique and relaxing atmosphere thanks to its Ambilight technology. The options to watch your favorite programs are many as it is compatible with different streaming media.

Why buy the product?

Great picture quality: The Philips 55PUS6754 has received nothing but excellent reviews with its 4K resolution. The exceptional image quality of this TV will make you savor your films and series in their smallest detail.

HDR 10+: this model guarantees you images with deeper and sharper colors by integrating HDR 10+ technology. Product testing indicates that with this feature, scenes that are too dark or too bright will look more natural.

Dolby Atmos: this TV will totally immerse you in the heat of the action with the surround sound delivered by the Dolby Atmos standard. You’ll feel like you’re really in every scene thanks to three-dimensional audio.

Ambilight Technology: live a unique and relaxing experience! This inexpensive model stands out in this comparison by its Ambilight technology offering a particular atmosphere by producing LED light with the characteristic colors of the image you are watching.

Tuner: this model allows you to tune in to your favorite TV programs on different broadcast media, as it is compatible with DVB-T /T2 /T2-HD /C /S /S2 standards. It also supports video playback formats like NTSC, PAL, and SECAM.

Multiple Connections: It can be linked with other devices in multiple ways, as these devices provide different ways of connection. In particular, it has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and integrated WiFi.

Smart TV: its Smart TV technology allows you to access the internet and enjoy your favorite movies and series in streaming. It is also possible to install a wide variety of applications to entertain you even more. Which is very interesting given its excellent value for money.

What don’t we like?

Doesn’t use Android: Some users would have preferred it to use the Android operating system. However, the Saphi system provides a good user experience, which is not a major problem.

No Bluetooth: Although this cheap model does not have Bluetooth technology, it gives you the option of connecting wirelessly via WiFi.

LG 55UK6200 – Excellent sound quality

Connections: Bluetooth, HDMI, USB and WiFi

The LG 55UK6200 has found its place in this comparison of the best 55-inch TVs by being able to offer a unique viewing and listening experience. Its 4K Ultra HD resolution guarantees high image quality, allowing you to watch your films and series in greater detail. In addition, you will benefit from a wide spectrum of colors, thanks to its active HDR technology.

It is capable of generating ultra surround sound that will make you feel like you are really in the movie. The TV can be connected to other devices, such as consoles or tablets, thanks to its HDMI and USB ports. It will also allow you to establish connections via WiFi or Bluetooth. Multiple media streams are supported giving you plenty of options to watch your favorite shows.

Why buy the product?

4K resolution: enjoy scenes from your favorite films and series in high image quality with the 4K Ultra HD resolution of this TV. Its really detailed images allowed this model to pass its test with flying colors.

Active HDR: thanks to its active HDR technology, this 55-inch TV improves contrast and color reproduction. His images very close to reality have aroused only the best opinions.

Ultra surround sound: you will experience every scene intensely with the ultra surround sound of the TV. This model impresses in this comparator by totally immersing the viewer in the film, series, concert or show as if he were really there. In terms of sound quality, you can’t find a better 55 inch TV on the market.

Rich in connectors: there are different ways to connect this TV with other external devices. Apart from the HDMI and USB ports, we can also mention the Bluetooth and WiFi connection. Also, it is possible to record your favorite programs on a USB key with this model.

Audiovisual media: Listen to your favorite programs through different audiovisual media. This model is capable of using the DVB-T2 /C /S2 terrestrial, cable and satellite tuner.

Smart TV platform: This model is not limited to analog channels as it includes smart TV platforms that will make you enjoy streaming. But still, you can even install other applications if you wish.

Wall installation: this 55-inch TV will not take up much space in the house as it can be installed on the wall by coming with a mounting kit provided for this purpose.

What don’t we like?

No Ambilight function: This model is not able to emit LED lights with the color combination of the screen, because it does not have the Ambilight function.

Samsung UE55RU7025 – Extended Connectivity

Connections: Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB and WiFi

Samsung offers in this comparator a model with many connectors to connect it to other devices. It is equipped with, among other things, USB, HDMI and Ethernet ports, as well as Bluetooth and WiFi. Its UHD technology processes black and white images with better quality. In addition, its 4K resolution will allow you to enjoy sharp and colorful images.

The Dolby Digital Plus technology it has will immerse you even more in each scene. This model is capable of enhancing the viewing experience through sharper and deeper colors by supporting HDR 10+ technology. It is therefore no coincidence that the Samsung UE55RU7025 is among the best 55-inch TVs of this year 2021.

Why buy the product?

High image quality: you will enjoy your films and series with the best image quality through the 4K Ultra HD resolution of this 55-inch TV. Its test indicates that one can only be amazed by the level of detail it displays.

UHD technology: UHD technology processes images in black and white so that the brightness is more natural. The TV is also able to more accurately calculate the contrast, color and detail levels of an image.

Active HDR 10+: This TV gives you sharper and deeper colors to appreciate every scene, because it works with HDR 10+ technology. Many reviews claim that it improves the viewing experience of movies and series.

Dolby Digital Plus: experience every scene as if you were there! Its Dolby Digital Plus technology gives you surround sound that immerses you in the heart of the action and dialogue.

Wide connectivity: this model is one of the most equipped in this comparison, being equipped with numerous ports and wireless connection devices. In addition to USB, HDMI and Ethernet ports, it also offers WiFi and Bluetooth.

Smart TV system: not only will you enjoy your favorite channels with this TV, but it also allows you to use the applications available on its operating system to entertain you.

Wall mounting: the installation kit supplied with the product will allow you to mount it on a wall to better fit your space. Which makes it the best 55-inch TV to choose for an already pretty busy living room or bedroom.

An elegant design: this TV will easily find a place of choice in your living room or your bedroom with its elegant and modern design.

What don’t we like?

Without coaxial cable: this model does not include among its accessories a coaxial cable necessary to pick up the signal from the television channels. It will therefore be necessary to purchase it separately.

CHiQ U55H7A – Best Cheap 55-inch TV

Connections: Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB and WiFi

Do you want to buy a 55-inch TV but your budget does not leave you many choices? Worry no more, we have the model you need in this comparison! The CHiQ U55H7A will make a lot of people happy by offering an amazing viewing experience while being offered on the cheap.

Despite its affordable price, this model includes HDR, HDR 10+ and HLG technologies to broadcast exemplary image quality. Also, it will let you enjoy apps like Google Assistant, Google Play, Google Music, Google Game and many more.

Why buy the product?

Superb resolution: this inexpensive 55-inch television has 4K Ultra HD resolution, which will allow you to watch your series and films in high quality.

HDR, HDR 10+ and HLG: more vivid and deeper colors! Its high dynamic range is due to its ability to use HDR, HDR 10+ and HLG technologies. It will increase the visual experience while watching your favorite movies and series.

Triple tuner: take advantage of the different options offered by this TV to tune in to your favorite channels. It has triple tuner and transmission media such as DVBT /T2 /T2-HD /C /S /S2.

Numerous connectors : even by offering a cheap product, the manufacturer has not failed to furnish its model with numerous connectors. The two USB ports will allow you to record films or series on a hard drive and the HDMI ports will be used to project images from other devices. To top it off, wireless connections are provided by Bluetooth and WiFi.

Wide variety of applications: This affordable 55 inch TV can be used with many applications. Its test says it supports Google Assistant, Google Play, Google Music, Google Game, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube and more.

QuadCore processor: The QuadCore processor runs various applications and other functions smoothly. The Android 9.0 operating system works optimally here.

Borderless screen: the borderless design further enhances your viewing experience as it displays your movies and series in full screen. A really very appreciable specificity on a cheap television of this size.

What don’t we like?

No UHD technology: although this inexpensive model guarantees clear and deep colors, it does not have UHD dimming technology. This will decrease the accuracy of calculating contrast, color and detail levels.

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