Tips For Getting Started In Gaming

Tips For Getting Started In Gaming

Gaming is a universe that attracts more and more young people. Some have even become professionals in the field and compete in many tournaments. For others, it’s just a passion like reading or watching movies. Here are some tips to get you started in gaming .

Build Your PC Gamer Yourself Or Do It As A Kit?

A gamer must have a high-performance PC that perfectly matches his way of playing, but also the type of games. Building your own gaming PC promises many advantages just like kit PCs. 

By mounting your PC yourself, you can carefully choose all the materials that will compose it. This will allow the most suitable components to be installed. Like this, you really know what’s in your PC. It also saves you the surprise of coming across bad components that will not meet your expectations. You can also repair your PC yourself in the event of a breakdown.

However, if you do not have the soul of a computer scientist, the best solution available to you is the PC kit . This solution saves you the headache of finding the parts and their suppliers. To play, all you have to do is plug in your computer, install the game and play.

The Essential Equipment To Get Started In Gaming

The Gaming PC

The gaming PC is not just about its look, but above all about its components . The processor is part of the core of the device. For your PC to perform well, you must ensure that all components are compatible.

It will also help you to better choose your graphics card, an essential element to allow you to enjoy a quality image. You must also ensure that your power supply is powerful enough (minimum 500W to allow all the components to be perfectly powered. The more greedy your components are, the more powerful your power supply must be. To limp it, you are free to choose it according to your desires.


If you want to take advantage of a resolution of 22 or 27 inches, a definition of 1920×080 pixels. This will allow you to enjoy a much faster response time and a much smoother image. For a screen with a frequency of 60 Hz, you will benefit from a response time of 5 ms.

The armchair

A good chair is essential to enjoy the game. In addition to design, attention should also be paid to comfort. You must opt ​​for a comfortable model, allowing you to reduce back and neck pain. Your spine should also stay straight while you play. There is a large panel of chairs specially designed for gamers, but beyond the aesthetic aspect it may be important to turn to an industrial workshop chair if you plan to spend many hours in front of your screen.

Mouse and carpet

A mouse must be ergonomic for a more optimized use. To enjoy perfect precision, the pilots must not be neglected. You need to check the weight and precision level of the mouse. The number of buttons present on the mouse to better customize the device. Mice are much more convenient for playing video games. Wireless models can impact latency.

Regarding the mouse pad, it must be chosen according to the space and the organization. The surface of the carpet also matters. The smoother the surface, the faster it will slide.

The headset microphone

The headset must be comfortable and chosen according to the platform used. The choice must also be made according to the types of games. The headset is not intrusive and easy to wear even if you play it for hours. For the design, it will be a very personal taste.

The sound system

The choice of the enclosure will be made mainly according to the use of the PC. Each user will want a different sound level. There are therefore a multitude of factors to take into account before making a choice. You have to determine the destination, the power, the size and the design. Of course, you also need to consider your budget.

The keyboard

In gaming, ergonomics are important for better handling of the periphery. A gamer’s keyboard has a specialized communication interface, additional keys and on-board memory to avoid reprogramming the player’s profile each time the game starts.

Which Games To Choose To Start In Gaming?

You will be able to find the list of the most played games online and make your choice according to the types of games you like and of which here are the descriptions.

Strategy games

The strategy game can be played solo or in a team. The game takes place on a specific platform. The goal is to conquer territories while competing against many opponents. The strategy game of skill and speed. Strategy games can include war games, simulation games, puzzle games, etc.

The Moba

This is one of the hottest online games right now. Moba stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena . The game is therefore done as a team during which each player will embody a hero. The success of each mission will depend above all on the communication and coordination of the team.


Also known as first-person shooters, FPS are action games in which the player takes the place of a hero who uses a firearm to defeat his enemies. The game can be played in teams or solo.


In this type of game, players embody the greatest, most well-known and lesser-known football players. Games are often played as a team, but a player can also play alone. Among the best known soccer games, it has PES.


Fighting games or fighting game are as follows. Two adversaries face off in a duel. The winner will be the one who is still standing after the fight. Both fighters have a life gauge that decreases with each hit. When the fighter has no more life, his character dies.

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