Best Fitness Apps To Keep You Fit

Best Fitness Apps To Keep You Fit

Let’s hurry to get rocky facing the good weather and do exercises to lose weight. But not everyone has time/money for gyms, so nothing better than a round of Apps to train us without leaving home.

The goal of this is not so much to get Pain and Money but to stay in shape, be comfortable, and feel better physically. That is why we are going to mix both more apps for light Fitness and more for intense ‘ Workouts ‘ sessions. Let’s start.

Workout Trainer

A free App, with the Skimble app we have a complete personal trainer to get in shape, from exercises to lose weight to sculpt our abs or improve the condition for a race. A huge number of ‘workouts’ with instructions in both audio and video.

The Workout Trainer exercise library is configurable and this allows us to carry out our own routines, as well as share others made by the community. If you go to the Premium model you will have more exercises to lose weight, HD videos, and no advertising.

Pocket Yoga

If in the fitness session we have spent a bit giving cardio, with Pocket Yoga we will lower revolutions and look for a mix between tranquility, slow breathing, and stretching, with hundreds of different poses, audio, and video tutorials and the option to go to our own rhythm.


Time to raise the intensity again, JEFIT is an ideal app for those more involved in intensive training and Bodybuilding that comes with a database of exercises with a huge number of routines, depending on the part of the body we want to develop. The application allows you to plan, follow the progress, personalize the sessions and if we pay the Premium we will have more options.


Designed to work with Fitbit, a ‘wearable’ device that tracks our activity, the app of the same name can also work on its own without having the gadget since it is capable of connecting to the smartphone and using its sensors to record the number of steps, record routes with GPS. But also, like MyFitness, it has a function to scan products and give us an assessment of the calories they have.


In case we want to have a single app on the mobile, Sworkit is presented as an outstanding option, since it provides us with routines created by other users randomly, without ever repeating, ranging from yoga to cardio, stretching, pilates, etc, building a routine that fits the goal that we have planned.


What is the use of a training routine if it is not accompanied by a balanced diet? This is what MyfitnessPal Calorie Counter does, a nutrition-focused app with a database of two million entries that is updated daily and allows you to see the calories in each food at a glance. We can even scan the product’s barcode and search for it, plus create recipes with a calorie calculator.

Sleep As Android / Sleep Cycle

Training exercises to lose weight or to be in shape, and nutrition need a basic component in the subject such as rest. This application, like the ones we see on the smartwatch or smart wrist, uses the sensors of the mobile phone to monitor us while we sleep, and help us wake up at the most suitable time.


Ideal for exercise lovers, the Fitocracy app is a rarity that mixes equal parts improvement, video games, and community social interaction. Here we not only choose an exercise routine and we do it as it is, but depending on how we do it, the app will rate us, level us up like a video game and we give encouragement in real-time to raise our esteem.

Jawbone’s Up

Another app that includes several functions in one, the latest Jawbone Fitness Up application does not need that we have the device it usually comes with either, it uses the smartphone to identify the steps we have taken, the calories burned and the intensity general of the activity that we have carried out. It also allows you to scan barcodes to see the calories of the products, and monitors the amount of time we sleep.

Carrot Fit (iOS)

We have left the most fun for last, since those who complain that they have no challenges, with CARROT Fit they will find a virtual trainer more beastly and sadistic than an American Marine chief who will seek to intimidate and challenge us like no other app on the market to lose the excess pounds, through exercises to lose weight.

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