Business Ideas In B2B (Business Clients)

Business Ideas In B2B (Business Clients)

Business Ideas In B2B : It seems to me that on one of the blogs I talk too often about business opportunities for the private market. For this reason, today I propose a list with fifteen proposals aimed at business clients. I have called the article business ideas in B2B because you already know that when talking about companies it is always much better to use terms in English. Let’s look at some interesting concepts.

What Are B2B Businesses?

The B2B concept refers to companies that sell to other companies or professionals. It is the short way of saying Business To Business. It is important to note that the term refers to any sector, and not just e-commerce. I clarify it, because lately it seems that there is a tendency to limit B2B to online businesses, but it is an excessive reduction of the concept, in my opinion.

That does not prevent some of the B2B businesses that I have listed below from being able to develop one hundred percent online, of course.

Why List Business Ideas In The B2B Sector?

The market for business-to-business transactions is gigantic in any country. One of the reports indicated that 80% of companies sold at least in part to other companies, and for 38% of businesses, B2B was the largest source of income. They also indicate that it employs 10 million people and contributes half of the GDP.

Logically, there is much more talk about companies that sell to individuals, which are the brands that we all know. But there is a whole world of business opportunities to explore beyond B2C.

B2B Business Ideas: The Services Most Businesses Need

Let’s go with the obvious first. Virtually all companies rely on some basic products and services to function. Next, I will list related business opportunities.

Online marketing and web development services

I often speak on the blog about the importance of the online channel for any company or business. But rarely do companies in-house have the necessary knowledge and experience for SEO, web development, social media marketing, and more. Especially in small organizations. That represents great business opportunities for online marketing agencies.

Within the same category, we could include hosting providers, since it is an essential service for any business that wants to have a website.

Marketing of supplies and basic services

A few months ago I talked about the possibility of opening a light retailer as a business opportunity, and with the current situation in the energy market, it continues to be an interesting option. But the electricity market is not the only one with potential, you can also have a marketer of telephone and Internet services, for example.

A classic of B2B business: the agency and the other consultants

I group in the same category a large number of very different professions, but that most companies and businesses need at some point, or periodically.

The agency helps with the presentation of tax returns, the preparation of payroll and the procedures related to personnel management.

Rental of premises

If you want to start a business in real estate, you can target a business market segment instead of renting homes to individuals. It has some advantages, such as the possibility of setting prices and terms with greater freedom, or not having the risk of a long eviction procedure.

Software solutions

In an increasingly digitized world, computer programs are essential in companies. They are no longer limited to solutions to manage accounting, optimize logistics or improve the relationship with consumers through CRM software . There are tools for virtually any business function.

Cleaning and facility services

In this category, I am referring to all those services that are generally outsourced, such as office and facility cleaning, some maintenance tasks, access control, even the outsourcing of administrative functions such as reception.

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