Everything You Need To Know About Dark Web

Everything You Need To Know About Dark Web

The Internet is a much broader concept than we think. We have a limited vision of the Internet and perhaps we are unaware that it is made up of different networks that not everyone can access and in which information of a different nature is exchanged.Dark Web is One we must know about it..

Internet And Its Parts

Internet is not only what we see or what famous search engines like Google allow us to see. In fact, it is calculated that only 1% of all Internet content is indexed and is accessible through search engines.

The remaining 99% is the Deep Web. Deep Web is the collection of all restricted or non-indexed content found outside of conventional or commercial search engines.

Dark Web is in turn a part of this Deep Web and consists of public content that requires specific software and authorization to access it.

And finally, we come to the definition of the Darknet, which includes the hidden content of the Internet and can only be accessed through specific browsers such as Tor or I2P. It contains a large amount of confidential information and is independent encrypted networks that make up the Dark Web.

The terms Dark Web and Dark net are often confused between them since one cannot exist without the other.

How Does Darknet Works?

As we have commented Darknet is composed of content that is deliberately hidden.
To access this content we will not be able to do it with a conventional browser. The easiest way to do it is to use the Tor browser through which we can start browsing. This browser has the peculiarity of allowing to hide the location and activity that the network is using.

From here it will be a matter of diving to see what we find. As the content is not indexed, it may seem impossible to find anything, but we can go to the Deep Dot Web where we can find some index to start moving.

We will see that the referenced pages have an extension. onion. What we will find are various markets in which we must register in order to access its content.

We will also be able to access through I2P with contents of .i2p extension or by invitation to a friend-to-friend network. The case is that access will be restricted or hidden so as not to be easily located and the access protocols used are different from those of the traditional Internet.

What We Can Find In The Darknet?

There is a lot of urban legend about the content that can be found in this dark part of the Internet. It cannot be denied that we can find any illegal product for sale, but it is also necessary to know that not everyone can have access to these contents since you have to be authorized or invited.

The contents that we can find are the sale of drugs, child pornography, stolen information from credit cards, data of any kind, PayPal accounts, hacking tools, weapons, and, in short, anything that comes to mind that is difficult or impossible to find in normal distribution networks.

However, we can also find other content that is not illegal but that for various reasons their owners prefer to keep hidden from traditional search engines.

We can find different services such as a service to upload photos and sell them as an auction by paying in Bitcoins. Other services that we can find are parallel Wikipedias or webs for the exchange of files. We also find various websites related to money or cryptocurrencies alternative to bitcoin.

For example, there is a website that sells Amazon gift cards at half the price and that ensures that they are legal and not stolen since they have been purchased in bulk and can be resold cheaper.

At the multimedia level, we can find download websites for movies, series, or any multimedia content or e-book websites.

There are also communities that exchange knowledge of any subject or random chats that connect you with a stranger to speak.

The contents that we can find is very diverse and not only illegal, although we already know that illegality attracts.

Let’s not think of something negative when we talk about Dark Web, but rather something is hidden with restricted, secure and anonymized access in which to find infinite content not indexed in a premeditated way by traditional search engines.

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