How To Increase Your Sales During The CoronaVirus?

How To Increase Your Sales During The CoronaVirus?

This Corona Virus pandemic is affecting all businesses, both small and large. Factories have been closed to prevent further spread of the virus in their area, and fewer products are produced, so many companies have to wait longer for deliveries. Naturally, this will also affect deliveries to consumers.

All in all, the Corona Virus has fueled the increased demand for online shopping. You just have to see what has happened with the online stores of many food companies, which have been overwhelmed, or with the online stores that sell pharmaceutical products, whose demand has increased dramatically. In view of this reality, Trusted Shops advises online stores to act immediately and plan ahead to avoid running out of products in stock.

It is clearly a fact that the Corona Virus speeds up the increase in online purchases. “Internet sales have increased by 12.5% ​​since the CoronaVirus came into action. Trusted Shops offers a series of recommendations to strengthen the growth of your business during the Corona Virus:

1.Informing Your Clients

Inform your customers of delays in their orders and offer them the possibility of a refund, if they wish. Some online stores hosted on the AliExpress marketplace are already doing so. You can inform them for example through your newsletter, in the checkout process, or in the shipping policy of your store. If your product arrives from China or other affected areas, assure your clients that the virus will not survive long on surfaces and that they will not become infected (according to the WHO).

2.Increase Your Stock

If you are an online store that sells food, pharmaceuticals, clothing, etc. (that is, the products most in-demand during the coronavirus), you should increase your stock of products made in China or in another country to avoid possible breaks in the supply chain. This is something that Amazon is already putting into practice.
If you store the stock yourself and don’t do dropshipping, maybe you should think about having a second warehouse if the one you have is not large enough to store so much merchandise.

3.Search For New Dealer

If your supplier has closed their factory because it is in a risk zone, you should start looking for manufacturers in new areas in order to move further. It is recommended that you get as many local suppliers as possible to avoid delays and border problems.

4.Don’t Go For Discounts

If you are an online store with a tight inventory (the products you sell are, for example, food, pharmaceuticals, or clothing), you should spend quietly keeping the stock. Make sure you are giving away fewer discounts than you normally do.
It must also be said that if you belong to a sector whose products are not in such high demand in times of CoronaVirus, it would make sense to include discounts on your site to promote sales.

5. Use Email Marketing ( If you are having a physical store)

Use email marketing campaigns to inform your customers through the newsletter, that they have the possibility of ordering online in the event that your physical store has to close. In this way, you could inform them of discounts if they buy in the online store, as long as taking into account the previous section.

6.Reorient The Product

If your online store sells the most demanded products in these months, try to make the most of those products and expose them on the pages of your store where your client spends more time (product page, checkout process, etc.). If an item is out of stock, you could look for a similar product to replace it and advertise it to your customer as a good alternative.

7.Have Contact With Several Transport Companies

Don’t trust a single delivery company. Make sure you have other options to distribute your orders. It has been shown that in times of coronavirus transport companies are at the top and shipping times are prolonged.

8.Maintain The Motivation Of Your Workers And Their Health

The health of your employees and your own is the most important. Consider all the possibilities like telecommuting, shift distribution, etc. to support your staff to stay healthy. Offer online learning possibilities to your employees. Investing in your staff’s experience is one of the best ways to spend your free time, especially if your staff can’t do business as usual.

So follow these steps and make your business survive in Corona Virus pandemic.

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