What Is Growth Hacking? What Are The Key Points Of Growth Hacking

What Is Growth Hacking? What Are The Key Points Of Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking would be a combination of techniques and tools that have creativity, curiosity, and analytics as main components.

This combined technique tries to satisfy the need to make the most of scarce resources, increasing revenues, and accelerating the growth of the company.

Its main mission is to be able to maximize income with the minimum expenditure of resources. That is why the profile of Growth Hackers is highly demanded in startups, as they are companies with few resources, and an imperative need to grow quickly.

Let’s not forget that Growth Hacking was a key element in the growth of Startups like Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, or LinkedIn.

It is a profile where it is required to be tremendously creative, to have the attitude and skills necessary to provoke great growth in the short term of the company or business.

A Growth Hacker could be considered a marketer that differs from the rest , provides a high degree of efficiency, is used to accepting great challenges and uses different tools to face them.

To Explain It Better, We Will List How It Differs From The Rest:

  • Growth Hackers are used to working in an environment with a lot of uncertainty.
  • They usually do not have prior external information (market research) on the product.
  • You do not have access to the resources that a marketing specialist could have, such as the use of offline channels (radio, TV, etc.) and budget to campaign online in Google Adwords.
  • Growth strategists face different growth targets for the companies where they work. Instead, another professional Marketing profile will have more moderate growth goals, the Growth Hacker should bring enormous growth to your company (mostly Startups), in the shortest possible time and limited financial endowments for its performance.

On the other hand, it is true that both profiles share the use of various Inbound Marketing techniques such as SEO, Content Marketing, Media Partner Strategy and Web Analytics, due to their low cost or cost 0, and the excellent results that offer.

In short, every growth strategist tries to reach new consumers and retain their current customers, combining their Digital or Online Marketing and Analytics skills with knowledge of product development for their company.

Growth Hacker Test

At this point, we ask ourselves again the question “We are experts in Growth Hacking and we don’t know it.”With all the information provided in the previous sections of the post, we should be clear about the answer.

But if we still have doubts about whether our profile fits within the requirements of Growth Hacker, we can always evaluate ourselves by asking ourselves questions about the profile that every professional, Growth Hacking, should have

Obviously The Results will be Indicative, but We could Ask Questions such As:

  1. Have you ever worked in a StartUp?
  2. Do you usually analyze everything down to the smallest detail?
  3. Do you consider yourself a curious person?
  4. Do you have SEO skills?
  5. Do you constantly use Social Media as part of your strategy?
  6. Are you constantly updated with new demand trends?
  7. Do you usually change your strategy if it doesn’t work?
  8. Do you have knowledge of Email-Marketing?

Once The Questions Were Answered closed YES / NO, We Would Obtain the Percentages Of The Answers and Their Corresponding Interpretation:

  • (100-80%): Has outstanding knowledge.
  • (80-60%): Has remarkable knowledge.
  • (60-40%): Has basic knowledge.
  • (40-20%): Won’t be having perfect knowledge
  • (0-20%): Has almost no or no knowledge of the subject.

Growth Hackers are currently a necessary profile within Startups and should make their work in larger companies more important.

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