Steps To Run An Advertising Campaign On Pinterest

Steps To Run An Advertising Campaign On Pinterest

Pinterest is a completely new advertising solution. Competition between advertisers is very low and therefore we can assume that it will be easier to obtain good costs per click. In addition, users are not saturated with ads yet, so we will get their attention much more.

Decide Your Goals

As in any self-respecting social ad campaign, on Pinterest, we have to clearly define what we want to achieve so that ad delivery is optimized around it. Currently, we have two great options:

  • Increase in brand recognition.
  • To Attract traffic.

Choosing one or the other will depend on the business objectives we seek. If we are gearing more towards conversions, with the second option we can direct traffic to a landing page and thus create a more direct link between Pinterest Ads and results

2. Choose The Segmentation

To ensure that Pinterest advertising campaigns, this step is essential.

On the one hand, we have the classic segmentation options for advertising on social networks, such as genders, ages, or interests. If we have well defined the buyer persona within our marketing plan, it should be easy for us to choose the ones that best suit us.

On the other hand, and in a similar way to what happens in search engine ads, we can also choose the keywords for which the ad will be shown. This allows us to further refine the correspondence between the campaign

and the target, as we will ensure that only those people who are actively looking for ideas related to our products and services find us. And as with Google Ads, we can also define the agreement, that is, the degree to which we want the search term to resemble the keyword:

  • Exact matching. As the name implies, in this case, the search term and the keyword must be the same for the ad to appear.
  • Wide match option allows you to expand the range of searches that trigger the ad, including longer phrases, related terms …

Negative expression match is, the search terms for which we do not want the ads to appear, such as “free”

Adjust Bates And Budget

As in other advertising platforms on social networks, the delivery of ads is done through an auction and the best location is awarded to the highest bidder. Pinterest suggests a recommended cost per click, which we can adjust based on our goals. We can also decide if the delivery is made at a standard rate (recommended by the platform) or accelerated until the budget is exhausted.

Choose Creatives

As we have seen, we can create images, video, or image gallery ads. Without a doubt, it is advisable to try different creatives to launch tests type A / B (with two options) or multivariable (with several). 

The technique consists of launching several creatives at the same time, which are the same except for one variable (usually the image or video, the title, or the description). As all of them receive impressions, you can easily see which ones work best and optimize based on this data.

Another recommendation that we have tested in Cyberclick is to look for images that attract attention, instead of following the brand’s style guide to the letter. Specifically, these are the most effective techniques to improve ad performance :

  • Use images with strong contrasts and striking colors, which stand out against the environment of the social network in which they are located, such as orange, yellow, or red.
  • Do not use an excess of filters in the images, since these can attenuate the intensity and make them lose strength.
  • Find a balanced and legible composition when superimposing logos and texts on images.
  • If we are launching a campaign that emphasizes discounts or discounted prices, it can help us to include this information within the image itself. For example, we can highlight the old price in red and the new one in green.

Track Ad Performance

Currently, Pinterest offers a number of basic ad performance metrics, such as the number of impressions, captures and conversions, and total spending.

Surely the information offered will expand in the future, but for now, it can help us to get an idea of ​​how our campaigns are working.

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