All You Need To Know About Web Designer

All You Need To Know About Web Designer

A web designer is professional who is responsible for creating and designing websites of different types: pages, blg pages or online stores.

His work is based on the use and mastery of different tools that result in the creation of a complete website. Among these tools we find some such as:

  • CMS or content management platforms, such as WordPress , Drupal , Prestashop or Blogger .
  • Visual editors or layout designers , among which are Divi , Elementor or Visual Composer .
  • Programming languages ​​such as HTML or CSS.

Unlike the web developer profession , the designer uses the tools and platforms I just mentioned to create their designs. On the contrary, the programmer creates exclusive sites using the different programming languages , without resorting to templates or content managers.

Not everything is design

In addition to the design itself, the web designer is also in charge of the technical section of the web:

  • Installation and configuration of the CMS.
  • Installation of plugins or add-ons.
  • Link with complementary services, such as Email Marketing platforms or online tools such as Google Analytics or Search Console .

As for the creative part of web design , the designer’s task is to dynamically apply and combine the different elements that are part of a website: colors , fonts , menu , buttons , etc. The designer must know the current trends in web design and apply them correctly in his creations, adapting them to each project, client and situation.

It is also worth mentioning other aspects that are part of the web design work, such as the creation of the structure of the website b (sections and subsections / categories and subcategories), content planning , image optimization , SEO (positioning in search engines) or security.

The web designer must always base his work on the objective of the website (sales – ecommerce , conversions – landing page – visits – blog ) taking into account at all times the key aspects so that the user experience is the most satisfactory. possible. Concepts such as: navigability , interactivity , usability or information architecture on the website come into play here.

Also, another task of the web designer is to optimize the site to ensure fast loading speed, which is known as WPO .

Finally, another of the points that are part of the work of the web designer is the optimization of the website for search engines, that is, you must have some basic knowledge about SEO (without being an expert, because that is another profession) so that your jobs are indexed and positioned in Google.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Web Designer:

  1. Price is not everything. If you are going to hire a web designer, I recommend that you make your decision based on their experience and the quality of their work, not based on price. Cheap is expensive!
  2. Take a look at his portfolio. Analyze how is your work and style when designing. Look at the creative part, but also the technique.
  3. Check his page or blog for testimonials and opinions from other clients who have previously worked with him. They will serve as a reference to know the satisfaction of your customers.

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