What Are The Differences Between Entrepreneurs And Businessmen?

What Are The Differences Between Entrepreneurs And Businessmen?

Have you ever thought that entrepreneurs and businessmen are the same? If your answer was yes, you can be sure that you are not the only one who thinks this way.

Differences Between Entrepreneurs And Businessmen

In many cases, this association is real, but the fact is that an entrepreneur is not always an entrepreneur and vice versa. Let us know the  3 basic differences between the two activities!

Main Focus

The main objective of the entrepreneur is to keep the business healthy, that is, to make enough money and keep costs in order. Nothing wrong with that.

The entrepreneur also has this concern, but his main focus is to realize the vision he has for the business. This requires the ability to innovate, guide people, and lead them to realize that vision to the best of their ability.

Attitude Towards Work

The entrepreneur does not always have a positive attitude towards the mission of the company. As long as the financial results are correct at the end of the month, there are many entrepreneurs who do not care about:

  • The Quality of relationships in the workplace;
  • Employee morale;
  • Talent retention and development.

The entrepreneur, on the other hand, knows that good results are not maintained without the commitment of the employees and a positive attitude towards the work to be done. Go long-term and are willing to sacrifice immediate profits for the good of the company.

Business Vision

The vision of the entrepreneur is sometimes limited to what is done at the moment and how much it generates in financial value at the end of the month.

They understand that customer satisfaction, brand positioning, and the quality of the product itself are just as important as monthly income.

Therefore, he works with an eagle vision of the company and does not miss the opportunity to explore new horizons when the opportunity arises.

Why Is It Worth Being An Entrepreneur?

There are 3 advantages to undertake in your life, both personal and professional. They are:

Personal Satisfaction

The pleasure of creating something from scratch and helping others to do it gives a sense of purpose and personal satisfaction.

Professional Return

A successful entrepreneur achieves a good financial return and, with this, experiences new experiences that he would not have access to.

Constant Learning

The life of an entrepreneur is an endless class, both personal and professional, to face the challenges of everyday life.

Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a great challenge, and it takes much more than goodwill to make a business work.

It doesn’t matter if the goal is to solve a business problem or create a solution that helps change the world through social and green media.

The fact is, you need these 5 qualities to achieve your desired success:


Executing a unique vision, which perhaps no one has done before, is certainly a task that requires stimulating creativity.

You will have to think about every detail, the problems that may arise, and how to make your solution viable for the maximum number of possible users of your service/product.


When a whirlwind of ideas comes to mind, the successful entrepreneur is one who has enough focus to discard the vast majority and focus on the main thing.

This even means letting go of ideas that are good but do not contribute to the current moment of the company.


Forget the story that someone brilliant can act like a mad scientist living in chaos and profiting from finding the answers he needs.

The organization is essential for those who want to turn an idea into a relevant solution. A good organization helps to maintain the focus, already mentioned, and high productivity.


Even the most well-rounded entrepreneur cannot be good at everything. Plus, the bigger your business vision, the more you’ll need people, tools like a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and the structure to build on top of that.

It is not by chance that self-knowledge is so important. This is what helps you to discover the limitations of the entrepreneur, how to improve, and what to delegate for others.


Have you noticed how much we talk about vision in this article? And it was not for nothing. A true entrepreneur needs to see beyond what everyone sees.

Otherwise, you will always invest in what everyone already knows, will do what others already do, and will never be able to excel or solve a new problem. This does not mean “reinventing the wheel” but rather having a clear path of what you can improve and how to get there.

Now you have understood what it is to be an entrepreneur: as we have seen, it is not about making a lot of money or even being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is much more a matter of attitude.

It is an initiative that needs to be developed. So, exercise the skills presented here and put your vision into practice. This is what will make you a successful entrepreneur.

By the way, have you thought about starting a startup? Stay a little longer with us and learn a little more about startups and everything you need to start yours.

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