What Is Mindful Marketing?

What Is Mindful Marketing?

Mindful marketing or conscious marketing is a new trend that is changing our way of seeing digital marketing. It has its origin in “mindfulness”, which refers to the ability to focus on the present and become aware of our emotions and thoughts. It is about adopting a conscious approach to marketing, seeking to generate a positive social impact and aligning with the values ​​that matter most to our clients. In this way, it will be possible to generate a high level of empathy with our target audience, especially with the young audience, and thus achieve that they become loyal customers and committed to our company.

How To Apply Mindful Marketing To Your Business

People at the center: The company must move from focusing solely on the products and services it sells, to focusing more on people and their values. For this, dialogue with our clients must be promoted, taking into account their suggestions and empathizing with them.

Define your values: The values ​​of a company are an essential part of its identity. They are those characteristics that define a company and that serve as the axis for its growth and therefore define who we are as a company. One of the questions we must ask ourselves is: What are the values ​​that define us as an organization and how can we put them into practice in our daily activities?

Communication: In conscious marketing, what is said matters, but also how it is said. We must prioritize values ​​and solidarity, but we must also communicate them through actions and not just words. Copywriting or storytelling can be two very effective techniques to show a message closer to our clients and connect with them emotionally.

Real commitment: All the actions of our company must be aligned with our objective, and it must be a real commitment. The message that we build must be aligned with the expectations of consumers, but also with ours. To do this we must start by involving the workers of our company, making them aware of the values ​​and principles of the organization.

What Benefits Does It Bring To Our Organization?

1. Increase customers and retain them

For a long time now, consumers have not only purchased products or services for simple desires or benefits that they obtained with their consumption, but also for the experiences that they provided. Currently, the commitment to social, environmental and humanitarian responsibility that lies behind each one of them and that allows them to identify with the brand, has become a key aspect.

2. Improve the branding of the company

One of the key factors to differentiate ourselves from the competition is our values. Committing ourselves to different causes helps improve our brand identity, which motivates our customers to be loyal to our company.

3. Help humanize our brand

Conscious marketing is much more humanized and values-focused. Promote active listening and dialogue with your customers, in short, be closer. In this way we will be able to strengthen ties between the company and our clients, which will contribute to humanizing our brand.

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