What Role Does Ethics Play In Sales?

What Role Does Ethics Play In Sales?

“Try not to be a successful man, but a man with values. ” This is one of the great phrases that have remained as teaching by the scientist Albert Einstein. It leaves open the possibilities of analysis about what is ethics in people.

Many may claim that this characteristic is subjective, but when dealing with the world of work, specifically in the customer-seller relationship, it is vital to know what to expect from sales ethics.

Values ​​and principles are what gives a sense of unity and make things work the right way. And in companies, it is essential to define rules and behaviors with which employees and managers can be governed.

Its meaning is not only a term but a whole methodology that can improve the way you sell.

What Is Ethics In Sales?

Sales ethics is good business practice regarding controversial issues and situations, for example; bribery, use of information, corporate social responsibility, data protection, among others.

It also refers to the way in which a salesperson addresses their customers and their intentions behind a sales process (in addition to closing a deal), which you will learn about later.

The Key Role Of Ethics In Business

Ethics is an aspect that we all as a society should abide by. However, in work and commercial settings, it should be the base on which each person in a corporation stands. The key role played by ethics in sales lies in two essential points: Reputation and Good Decision Making.

Many say that good action leads to a better one, and business ethics brings great benefits for organizations:

  • It Maintains more responsible actions on the part of all collaborators.
  • Provides honest behavior for company management.
  • The value of teamwork increases and more projects are successful.
  • All members of each department work in a pleasant and fair environment.
  • It helps to ensure that the results are acceptable to the business and 


  • Sensitive or confidential company information is rigorously protected.

Applying values ​​as a sales specialist is accomplished through an ethical business approach.

The Principles Of Seller Ethics 

All people, as they grow and experience different situations in their life, are learning lessons. From them, they develop different values ​​that become essential to function in society. For some, certain values ​​are more important than others. But when it comes to a corporation or a sales expert, these determinations have to be governed by strategic points and circumstances, beyond those they may have in their personal life.


We have to put this point first, as there cannot be a sales specialist who deliberately lies or misleads customers. When problems or misunderstandings arise, it is always better to be direct with the other person and explain what happened. The truth is well paid.

Great salespeople are honest, even if it means they won’t win or close a deal. Winning the trust and loyalty of a customer is very important and this any company knows. If you are a beginning or seasoned salesperson, avoid losing customers to insincere actions, such as trying to sell them something they don’t really need.

Paying  Attention To Customers

It consists of caring for and ensuring the interests and needs of consumers and being nice to them. A good salesperson knows how to listen and can play his best cards to receive a profit in sales, but also to satisfy customers.

Companies and sales specialists with a customer experience mindset increase their revenue by 4% to 8% more than their competitors. Therefore, good customer service brings great rewards.

Fulfillment Of Promises

This goes hand in hand with honesty: if as a salesperson you have promised to reach a goal or a deal, you must fulfill it. We understand that there may be times when there are difficulties to achieve the tasks, but the challenge continues and the work of a commercial expert is to engineer all the possibilities to meet your objectives.


Honesty and integrity are often confused or taken the same. However, honesty is as simple as always being sincere. Integrity is acting consistently with the words, values, and principles that define you as a person.

It’s not just about a salesperson always smiling, cheerful, and helpful; They must also have vital values ​​for business to flow and to represent your company in the best possible way. The combination of both values ​​creates an incredible and valuable result for any sales department.

The difference that makes you a valuable salesperson is that you are not willing to give up your integrity, despite losing a customer.

But how can you learn this lesson? You know what you can learn in the future: if you lie or violate your principles, the consequences could be worse. If you always keep your personal and business word, your good reputation will follow you everywhere.


Loyalty costs a company less. Yes, as you read. Around it, there is a chain of actions that can benefit or harm a company. To see it more clearly, we will explain it in detail:

Looking at it from a catastrophic landscape, having an unfair sales specialist will automatically lose the trust of existing customers and prospects. Your actions may not be in accordance with the image that the company wants to convey. By not feeling 100% committed to the organization, it will be very easy for you to be dishonest to get more deals or other reprehensible situations. In time consumers will find out and walk away. The company will have to say goodbye to that salesperson and will have to invest time and money to interview and hire someone else.

If from the beginning a company and a seller are loyal, commercial actions will take place effectively. The specialist will please existing clients and attract many more. The company will gain new sales for these consumers and you will not have the need to invest time or money in hiring new personnel, because your salesperson will be a star. Be a star!


Respect is something that anyone asks of her. A salesperson deserves respect, but so do customers. Showing respect is offering a dignified treatment, without discrimination, pressure, or bad actions. Creating a positive business relationship requires a lot of performance, but it is not complicated: listen to customers and do not pressure them; always provide information relevant to them; Be timely and very respectful in the way you speak and express yourself.

This value also applies to the company where the seller works. This includes respect for privacy policies and disclosure of confidential information. If you have signed and given your word with the company, it is vital to respect it and not damage the reputation or safety of the organization.

Walking on a well-paved road prevents many accidents. Salespeople who follow these principles have the opportunity to establish themselves not only as of the best in closing deals but also in being fundamental elements for a company and customers

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