Why Is 5G Technology So Important?

Why Is 5G Technology So Important?

Nowadays people have been talking about 5G technology, the advantages and not much of the disadvantages. While it is true that technology must advance, because the world advances, it does not mean that everything new is better. 5G is here to stay. Let’s look at the pros and cons of 5g technology.

Is 5G Technology Good As It Says?

When we want to sell a product, we talk about the advantages and not about the negative things. To convince the customer, you will only emphasize the positive. That is happening with 5G technology.

We cannot oppose the advancement of technology, that is a fact. But everything has its good side and bad side.

The same thing happened when they implemented 4G, which is what we are using, but the jump was not as big from 3G to 4G, as it will be with 5G.

Why Is This Technology So Important?

We are talking about the fifth generation, which is more than an evolution. Since it brings three important improvements compared to 4G, these are, higher speed, latency and density. 

With higher speed it will allow you to make video calls with the highest quality or enjoy a full virtual reality experience. Lower latency or responsiveness, much needed for video games and augmented reality. And the higher density allows the fluid use of data in events and large gatherings.

As a consequence of technological advancement, the batteries in our mobile devices will perform and last much longer. 5G reduces power consumption by 90 percent. With these premises, it will be easy to use parallel services without connection problems. 

The 5G technology only works if the device you are using is also 5G. It is a benefit to have 5G in teleworking, since it is very important to have good equipment and a good connection to work from home.

The 5G technology allows video calls with multiple users, avoiding the pixelated images. Synchronization between video and audio is guaranteed. Allows for ultra-fast file downloads, from anywhere. Ultimately increases productivity. 

At mass events, such as concerts or football matches, videos can be sent without fear of the connection being interrupted. It also has its advantages in video games

The 5G technology will reach every area, shopping in stores may be a coated augmented reality experience, such as indicating the nutritional value of a food with only approaching it with the camera. The wearables allow health monitoring medical level, in connection with healthcare facilities.


What Are The Disadvantages

Every technological advance has a risk quota, and 5G is no less. The Cybersecurity agencies warned about the high risks that 5G networks could bring as there are not enough security guarantees. 

The lower latency also poses a risk. The cyber-attacks become more dangerous to more devices being connected remotely to the network. So that Hackers could take advantage of these connections.

 With the threats already existing in 4G networks, they will intensify as users, data and network bandwidth increase. 

We are talking about a high cost of 5G infrastructure, from the devices to the installation itself. This is what happened a few years ago, when there was talk of fiber optics and that plans increased its value by including it.

The devices and sensors of the Internet of Things will be vulnerable to cybercriminals, since they will require more complex authentication, to avoid unwanted access.

We need new devices because old devices will not be able to assume the speed and amount of information that will circulate

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