Do You Know Which Social Network Is Best Suited To Your Company

Do You Know Which Social Network Is Best Suited To Your Company

Having a good social media strategy is essential for any small and medium business. It is true that other options, such as email, campaigns through the use of SMS, or the creation of quality landing are essential to generate conversion. However, social networks stand as a complement to actions to generate opportunities to create notoriety and brand image.

There are various social networks, so it is not easy to select those that are most appropriate for a specific business. In addition, maintaining an important presence in each and every one of them supposes an important effort at the level of resources human and inexpensive.

So, is it worth betting on networks to grow a business? If so, which of them are really useful?

The Best Social Networks For A Business

The first and most important thing is: there are no magic formulas with social networks. It is essential to bear in mind that each one serves a purpose and reaches a type of audience, so the key lies in choosing the one that best complements a specific project.

But there are some networks whose potential is more than proven. Using them is not mandatory, but they are a great help to boost the inbound marketing strategy of a business, especially if it is online.

Facebook, The Giant 

When a network strategy is considered, Facebook always jumps to the fore. This is because it has an incredible 800 million active accounts, in a similar proportion between men and women who, in addition, belong to a wide variety of age groups. Ideal for advertisers.

By using Facebook it is possible to create a dynamic relationship with the client, offering frequent updates tailored to their needs, which is added to the possibility of creating links between a website and the network. In addition, thanks to the platform, it is possible to build a strong community, which will provide a greater reach to the messages.

Another element in which Facebook is effective is in favoring the growth of databases thanks to contests.

Last but not least, this social network is still the most common among the teams of any company. Because of this, learning to use it and get more out of it is not such a great effort for a worker, as they will be more familiar with it.

LinkedIn, The Network Of Professional Contacts

The LinkedIn platform is a great opportunity for many companies. This is due not only to the possibility of finding new leads but also to the large number of professionals who use it frequently. The relationships between the brand and a third party are made more accessible and, therefore, it is possible to generate economic benefits in less time.

LinkedIn’s audience is, however, relatively more limited. With no less than 135 million active accounts, which are distributed in 59% of men and 41% of women, it enjoys the highest prestige among all social networks.

Using LinkedIn can get great results. An example of this would be to interact with more influential brands or create interesting contact circles so that the best professionals in the sector are accessed. On the other hand, it becomes possible to make a company more and better known, reinforcing its position as a relevant company with a good reputation among its networks.

Google+, A Slot For Creatives And Young People

Although Google has always wanted to equate Google+ to Facebook, the reality is that this network only survives thanks to the encouragement that the giant with services like YouTube breathes into it. It enjoys enormous acceptance among the male population, which represents 63% of its active users, which, however, are scarce compared to other networks.

Why is Google+ interesting to a company then? Probably due to the fact that it is the gateway to young people, between 18 and 34 years old, who are also interested in the most specific market niches, such as creatives.

Through its use, it is possible to close deals with young people, but also favor interaction on the social network through publications in circles. It is not a preferred or important network, but it does have the support of Google and, for that reason alone, work should be done to improve the SEO of the company.


Despite never being at the forefront of the networks, Twitter has 200 million active accounts that also generate incredible interaction through instant responses of 140 characters.

It is important to highlight that, on Twitter, the majority are users (62%), aged between 25 and 50 years. These people are also very interested in participating in their ideas, so conducting market research with them is simple and profitable.

Twitter works very well at the service of companies that do not have the time to be permanently connected, but that does not want to give up-close contact with their followers. Added to this is the fact that it works great as a source of information, allowing you to quickly and efficiently find out the opinions of some of the most participatory followers.


Instagram is the social network that reigns among the youngest, although it also has a loyal adult audience.

In addition, it is a platform in which the interaction is much higher than in other social networks. This means that users who follow brands interact more with their content than on Facebook

For Example, The difficulty of Instagram is that it is a photography social network, so you will need the material of a certain quality or, at least, originality to stand out.

It is both a B2B and B2C social network, so the most important thing is that you think about whether your target audience uses it.


Beyond liking it more or less than other alternatives such as Instagram, Pinterest makes it possible to fully reach young audiences, putting on the table traffic of more than 11 million monthly visits to its platform. In it, users can contribute photos, opinions, links, and a host of other options.

Although it may seem that Instagram is superior for the visual part of any company, the reality is that Pinterest works better in that regard. This is due to the fact that it allows users to commit to the brand, generating profits that its competitor cannot dispute.

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