What Essential Metrics Should We Take Into Account According To Google?

What Essential Metrics Should We Take Into Account According To Google?

There are some essential metrics that Google will take into account depends on the quality of our website. In this article, you will get to know about those metrics that are essential.

What Are Core Web Vitals?

These are the metrics that Google offers us that will provide us with information about the quality of our websites. Its main focus is to measure technical aspects that affect the user experience, more specifically it focuses on the first seconds of the visitor’s experience on the website.

For this Google collects and evaluates data from the Chrome browser and creates a user experience report, evaluating data from mobile devices and computers separately.

Google will give great importance to these metrics. Those sites whose values ​​do not obtain a good result will be affected in their web positioning.

First Input Delay

FID takes into account the interactivity of the page. How long do users have to wait to interact with our page? To offer an attractive interaction time for the user, our page must offer an interactive experience of fewer than 100 milliseconds.

For the web to have a good user experience, we must take into account not only the speed of the server but also the users’ browsers are very important. If the browser is busy with other tasks, it will not be able to process the input. Large JavaScript files come into play here, as they keep the browser busy.

Cumulative Layout Shift

The CLS is about our content scroll when the page loads. This metric takes its value from the visual stability of the page. This metric should be less than 0.1.

Sometimes some web pages are loaded in a staggered fashion so that visitors can interact before the last item appears in the browser. This has great advantages, but it can cause our design to drift.

The jumps of the different elements of our page can cause the users to be confused when reading or to accidentally click on the wrong element. To calculate the CLS value, Google measures changes in the page layout. 

It only takes into account the movements of the elements that happen unexpectedly, excluding those changes intentional through the interactions of the users. Google not only watches how many items are moved and how often, but it also records how far they move. The Cumulative Layout Shift is calculated with all these parameters.

Largest Contentful Paint

Have you ever thought of how long does it take to load the heaviest component of our page (image, video,.)?This first metric is closely related to the loading speed of our site so that it provides a good user experience. It is understood that the LCP of our website must occur within the first 2.5 seconds of the page starting to load

Since the largest element of our page is usually loaded last, and it is usually the main content, Google can get an idea of ​​the time it takes for users to read the page.

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