How To Get Cheap Virtual Numbers?

How To Get Cheap Virtual Numbers?

Business representatives always need to be in touch. This also applies to large corporations, small, and medium-sized companies (the same as individual entrepreneurs). If you do not answer calls promptly, then you will lose customers as they might prefer to go to competitors. A multichannel virtual phone number will help solve this problem.

A virtual phone number includes the country code, city code, and directly an individual set of numbers for a call. The only difference is that you do not need to purchase a SIM card or lay a cable line to connect. All the switching capabilities are performed using the remote services of the telecom operator. In other words, you get the opportunity to forward calls, SMS, and faxes to the most common landline or mobile phones due to the virtual phone numbers. Everything is operated through technologies and standards of IP telephony.


Such telephony has some indisputable advantages.

  • It’s possible to call your company at any time. This makes the sale of goods more efficient.
  • Such a number makes the person trust your store. The city number indicated on your website increases the credibility of the company. The resource itself will look more solid than one with no phone number at all.
  • A virtual PBX is easily configured to receive calls and, if necessary, provider specialists will come to the rescue.
  • Such a number allows you to easily forward calls to mobile and landline phones, as well as use SIP.
  • There is no need to change the number when the office moves to another city or office.
  • It brings additional opportunities: sending voice messages to email, receiving faxes, organizing conference calls, etc.
  • You can change the number or buy others (for example, to create the illusion of an extensive network with offices in different regions) but you do not have to waste money on any new equipment.
  • There’s an ability to use a single number for several offices located in different cities.
  • This is the easiest way to assess the demand for company services without spending money and time on setting up a full-fledged office.

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How Does A Virtual Number Work?

The virtual phone works over the Internet.

  • A customer who wants to contact your organization sees a number for incoming calls on the website. He/she dials it and the virtual PBX performs forwarding.
  • When the call gets to the virtual PBX, the subscriber hears a voice greeting. He/she is also offered a menu that allows the call to be redirected to the specialist who can answer his/her question.
  • If the line is busy, the call is redirected again until a free specialist is found.

How Much Does A Virtual Number Cost?

The appraisal mainly is based on the duration of a virtual phone number using. The person has to decide on whether he/she is interested in a short-term rental or for a longer period. Some special providers bring detailed information and various options for wider usability. The price is also influenced by the connection area, the number of channels, and the type of phone number you want to receive. The required companies usually present all the aspects that have bearing on the financial side of cooperation on their websites. Moreover, you can clarify the cost with the consultant’s help. The person will tell you in detail about the rental service and the trial period, as well as explain where to buy and how to purchase a virtual number. It is also possible to record calls and connect additional features. 

Cheap Toll-free Number Is One Of The Most Popular

Such a solution is suitable for companies that need to maximize the incoming customers.

  • Online stores.
  • Insurance, financial, and credit organizations.
  • Manufacturers of consumer goods.
  • Tourist operators.
  • Courier services.
  • Real estate agencies.

The widespread toll-free numbers imply that you will pay for incoming calls from customers yourself. Accordingly, 800 is the image component of your business. Such numbers are associated with large companies operating throughout the country and providing comprehensive services. Despite the existing stereotype that a call to 800 will send the subscriber to long voice menus, waiting, and ineffective managers, according to research, toll-free increases the percentage of incoming calls by 30-40%.

What To Consider If You Decide To Order 800?

  • The organization gets an image of a large company. The client expects that the product or service is of better quality and also that he/she receives a certain level of protection as a consumer.
  • You pay for all the incoming calls. It is a manifestation of customer care that helps the possible client to save money. A free call for the person can be perceived as a slight simplification of the first contact. Just remember to include this benefit on your promo materials.
  • It becomes much easier to communicate with the company. A well-chosen number is easier to remember. This works if you are targeting the B2C market and give offline ads: TV and street banners. When your phone is demonstrated only online, specifically, on the Internet, then its visual presentation will not help much: calls are made with one click.

Results Of Virtual Number Using 

The simplicity of a virtual number connecting is obvious as it usually takes one day. Its financial availability contributes to an increase in the level of customer service, in their loyalty, and further improves the reputation of the organization.

A company that uses a multichannel number gets the opportunity to make significant savings on long-distance (their cost is reduced by 4-10 or more times, depending on the directions demanded by the organization). Moreover, a serious service provider constantly reduces the cost of calls to the most popular destinations. A company can increase and reduce the staff by attracting employees who work remotely. An enterprise using a virtual number can organize the processing of calls coming to offices and branches according to uniform rules, increase the working time at the expense of branches located in different time zones, control the activities of the team and improve work with clients, making it the main competitive advantage. Employees of such a company work with any convenient means of communication. Many of them do not waste time on their way to the office and do not interrupt their remote work. Clients perceive the company as a reliable partner that is responsible for their comfort.

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