How To Train The Brain To Develop Happiness?

How To Train The Brain To Develop Happiness?

How To Train The Brain To Develop Happiness : Did you know that a person can train the brain to develop happiness throughout his life? Our brain is capable of changing at our will until the last day of our lives, even at 90 years old. Do you know what that means? that we are masters of our life. We are not victims of anything. We don’t have to put up with things we don’t like, it all depends on us. It is not easy, but it is possible. Because we have the perfect tool, our brain, and our mind, which will accompany us on this adventure. The adventure of being the protagonists of our lives. 

From the School of Business and Management, we have approached the Mahou offices to learn about the Project, Mahou’s happiness project. Evolution of all the work that the brand has been doing for many years on wellness issues. According to its founder, Paloma Fuentes, “the project was born to go one step further, to transform the vision that people have of work.”

Train The Brain To Develop Happiness

Paloma Fuentes, during the interview we did with her at ENyD

For Paloma Fuentes , a happytologist by her own definition and creator of the Project, happiness is the state of mind that leads us to promote our health and talents in a more active and energetic way. And where is the origin of happiness? in life.

Happiness is transmitted in many ways : 

  • with a smile, 
  • with a look, 
  • with gestures, 
  • with words,
  • with how. 
  • we say words, 
  • with actions, 
  • with everything we do. 

The need for affection that we human beings have occupies the same biological center at the level of the brain as the need to eat and drink. Therefore, everything we do towards others and from others toward us can be inspiring of happiness, living, breathing, and consciousness is the most important tool and the one we use the least to achieve happiness. “Simply the fact of being aware that we are here, that we share this planet with many fantastic people,” says Paloma Fuentes.

What is happiness? We maintain life biologically because we reproduce, and we reproduce because we have genetic codes that drive us to do so, but there is something deeper still, wanting our children to have the best life possible, that is happiness. “Promote that well-being, that satisfaction, that fullness that we have felt and want others to feel.” In fact, Paloma Fuentes believes that ” we are all united on this planet by a red thread (according to the Japanese) and the important thing is that we are all united and really we all wish each other the best or at least we should.”

Happiness is internal, own, and indivisible, it has nothing to do with external factors. Happiness can be shared, but it is generated by each one of us. 

Enough of victimization, we are not victims, we are protagonists and we must be more and more. We must educate our children, future generations, to be the protagonists of their lives, and all of this involves generating healthy brains, quality brains”, says Paloma Fuentes.

Happiness is one of the greatest talents, but you have to differentiate between success and happiness. For the happytologist, the greatest success is sleeping peacefully at night, being happy with what she has, and being able to recognize the fantastic things she has (something we usually don’t do). “I understand success as something very simple but enormously powerful in our lives, which is being comfortable and well with oneself, with what we have.”

The happiest people in the world are the simplest of all. it is the people who give you solutions and not problems, it is the people that give you the best of itself, even if it is a complicated situation at a given moment, happy people also have problems and have complicated situations”

How Should We Act In The Face Of Stress?

Stress is a physiological reaction. In Medicine, the physiological is what we are born with and that helps our body respond appropriately to external stimuli. Stress is a reaction of our body to changes. 

We have stress when we have a very complicated project, or when we are in a hurry to do something that our boss has asked us to do, but we also have stress when the plane does not leave to go on vacation. They are radically different things, but the answer is the same. There is a change to which we are not able to respond adequately. train the brain to develop happiness.

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