What Is A Laser Projector? Pros And Cons Of The Laser Projector

What Is A Laser Projector? Pros And Cons Of The Laser Projector

When you want to buy a projector, you may find yourself in the position that there are different types and you do not know which one is best for you. In this article, we are going to explain what a laser projector is and how it differs from normal ones.

Projectors are an excellent tool for watching movies at home, as they are capable of clearly representing large-format images (and although it may not seem like it, they have a lower cost per inch than TVs). In addition, since they reflect light instead of emitting it, they are less eye-tiring, a fact that makes many people consider buying a projector.

And of course, within the categories of projectors, there are, you have probably heard about the latest addition to the manufacturers’ catalogs: laser projectors. Next, we are going to explain what it consists of, how it differs from the normal.

What Is A Laser Projector?

In order to explain what a laser projector is, we must know what types of projectors exist. Until now all the existing projectors on the market were lamp (bulb), and what differentiates these from the new laser projectors is how they generate the images.

The projector lamp standard, whether LCD or DLP, used an ARC lamp with mercury vapour at a high pressure which, by applying electric current, it is possible to emit a very bright light that is emitted on the LCD or DLP panel to produce the final images. Since this process is quite complex, these projectors are generally quite expensive.

On the other hand, laser projectors use lasers to generate light instead of having a lamp, light that is also emitted on an LCD or DLP panel to generate images

Pros And Cons Of A Laser Projector 

Most users think that laser projectors are the future, and they are not far from reality because as we are going to show you now, they have many more advantages than disadvantages and, although they are still somewhat expensive because they are the novelty, it is worth investing in these.

Lower Maintenance

The projectors offer excellent image quality with a huge screen size in many cases. However, in conventional projectors, the lamps have a certain lifetime and you have to end up replacing them, having to invest in new lamps (and they are quite expensive since buying original spare parts).

The laser projectors do not have parts that suffer wear, so we will not have to do any maintenance beyond what we do to all the components (basically, keep it clean).

Low-Cost Price

As we said at the beginning, the main disadvantage is that being a still new technology, its initial cost is much more expensive. And it is not only that its price is high due to the cost of the components, but the manufacturers that have developed the technology want and need to recoup the development investment they made to carry it out.

However, if your budget allows you to invest in a laser projector, do not hesitate and do it, because compared to the lamp, all are advantages and you will appreciate it in the medium and long term

Energy Efficient

As we have mentioned before, conventional projectors have a lamp that generates a very powerful light, and that has a fairly high electrical consumption. For their part, laser projectors not only consume less than a tenth of that energy (at least in the light production phase, because the image generation phase with LCD / DLP screens is the same),

 But they also do not we will have to wait for the lamp to warm up to obtain the best image quality. Like LED lights, laser projectors deliver 90% of their power from the moment we turn them on.

They don’t get hot

On the other hand, conventional projectors get very hot due to the lamp, so they are usually accompanied by a fan to provide active cooling, which is noisy and not pleasant when we are watching a movie.

Laser projectors do not heat up, and therefore their cooling is passive.

Focus distance and image quality

When you buy a normal lamp projector, one of the things you should take into consideration is the distance at which they are able to focus the image, which is always very limited and therefore it is also imperative to calculate well the distance at which you place the projector.

When you buy a laser projector you don’t have to worry (almost) about this, since practically all the models available are short throw, which means that they are suitable for virtually any site. Position it near or far, in large or small rooms or with screens of any size, they will be able to deliver their best image quality and focus properly.

In addition, laser projectors are as a general rule and saving the distances with the very high-end lamp models that cost thousands of euros, better in terms of image quality since they are capable of showing brighter whites and more blacks. dark.

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