Professional Ticket Counter, Reviews And Comparison

Professional Ticket Counter, Reviews And Comparison

Professional Ticket Counter : Company, association, independent professional, you cash and count large sums of cash per day? Leave behind the hours spent sorting your tickets, the risk of errors in your accounting and save precious time with the professional ticket counter. This small machine is able to count, sort and value bundles in a few seconds. 

Depending on the model, the counter is able to automatically recognize counterfeit notes, which secures your cash discounts. If you are looking for this type of tool, you have certainly noticed that the features and prices vary from model to model. 

It is therefore not always easy to find your way around. To help you find the machine perfectly adapted to your needs and thus make the right investment, we have developed this comparison of the best ticket counters of the moment, those that are among the best rated and best-selling on the web.

The 5 Best Professional Ticket Counters In Detail For A Reliable Cashier

MUNBYN professional high-speed ticket counter: the best choice of the moment

The Munbyn ticket counter is certainly the best in today’s market. It is perfectly suited to professionals and companies that brew a lot of cash per day and will save them a considerable amount of time. 

Customer feedback is unanimous about it: “Reliable and fast, it has done wonders for my company and my work teams” or “Amazing product, accurate, fast and surprisingly silent”. Still have doubts? Let’s take a closer look at the technical side.

It is a professional high-speed ticket counter, capable of counting up to 1500 tickets/ minute. It meets the standards of the European Central Bank and is one of the most accurate machines of the moment. It takes into account and recognizes more than 60 currencies, including the euro. 

You will no longer need to store your tickets, as this machine is able to automatically sort them by value and then give the total amount counted. It also detects counterfeit notes at 9 checkpoints, leaving very little chance of error. For more comfort, all manipulations are done via a large LED control screen.

However, the price displayed makes this professional ticket accounter difficult to access for small and medium-sized businesses.

Pro Ticket Counter Monepass MP-1188: the best value for money

For more than 20 years, the company Monepass has been developing high-quality banknote and coin counters certified by an official body. No wonder the MP-1188 model is in second place on our podium. 

Delivered with the latest updates and a 2-year warranty, it has satisfied the managers of many local shops. The positive comments are numerous: “For my self-business, I chose this machine with excellent value for money” or “It counts tickets ultra-quickly and detects fakes, I recommend”.

The Monepass 1188 professional ticket counter is an economical machine with a speed of 1000 tickets/minute. Thanks to its quadruple analysis (UV, infrared, MG and MT particles) it detects counterfeit notes and its 2D technology alerts the presence of smaller banknotes present in the bundle. 

Simple to use, it offers several interesting options such as automatic start-up, the constitution of batches of tickets or the cumulation function. The display of the total number is done on a high-contrast adjustable screen for clear reading. A little extra for itinerant professionals: it is equipped with a retractable carrying handle.

On the other hand, it is important to know that she is not a banknote valuer and therefore does not calculate the amount in dollars of banknote bundles.

Safescan 2250 Professional Ticket Counter: The Easiest to Use

Here is a machine that will please restaurateurs, bankers and merchants concerned about the aesthetics and discretion of their future banknote counter. Indeed, in addition to being quiet and very fast, the 2250 model of the Safescan brand has a sober and elegant design that makes the difference. 

Those who have tried it have adopted it and it is enough to read the customer reviews to realize its advantages: good quality and good product, I do not do without it, very easy to use, fast and accurate.

Safescan designed the 2250 model to provide merchants and associations with an easy and quick way to count their tickets at the end of the day. The bet is won, as it has a counting speed of 1000 tickets/minute and a total capacity of 300 tickets. 

It helps you prepare your bank deposits or cash funds in record time thanks to the bundle function. It detects counterfeit notes in 3 points: UV marking, magnetic and ticket size and warns you with an audible signal in case of problems. Easy to use, it has a control screen with clear and sharp display as well as 6 easily identifiable buttons.

The problem is that according to the statements of some customers, it would sometimes be necessary to pass 2 times the bundles in the machine before having the correct result.

Tempo Di Saldi Pro Ticket Counterer: the low-cost counter

For professionals or associations who do not want to invest a large amount of money in their future ticket counter, but who also do not want to skimp on quality and performance, the Tempo Di Saldi machine is the perfect compromise. 

With a mini price and interesting technical capabilities, it will appeal to a large number of you. Customer feedback is positive, like his two comments: “Excellent product, from weight to precision, everything seems perfect for my reduced budget” or “Efficient, accurate and reliable. Quite simply.”

This machine is ideal for small business professionals who need a boost when it comes to doing the day’s accounts. With dimensions of 29 x 25 x 17 cm and a sober design, it will quickly make a place on your desk or in one of your closets. 

It saves you precious time thanks to its maximum capacity of 1000 tickets/minute. Simple and effective, it offers the “BAT” function to prepare your wads of tickets without error and the addition function. The calculation result is displayed on a 4-digit LED screen and the counterfeit banknote detection system takes into account UV, MG and size.

The downside with this model is the noise emitted during counting, unpleasant for many users.

Chaneau professional ticket counter: the best for SMEs

We end our comparison of the best professional ticket counters with this model of the Chaneau brand. An ideal machine for SMEs thanks to its attractive price for the functions offered. Customers who have invested in this machine do not regret their choice and share their opinion in comments on many sites: “Works perfectly well. Hyper fast and ultra simple to use” or “Convenient and accessible, quite what I was looking for for my small business”.

It is a fast professional ticket counter with a maximum speed of 1000 tickets/minute for a capacity of 130 tickets. It is able to detect counterfeit notes thanks to UV and MG technology when counting bundles. Added to this, it offers the auto-detection function and is semi-automatic. 

In addition to the euro and the pound sterling, it takes into account several other currencies. The amount of the total number of tickets is displayed on a 4-digit LED screen and the manipulations are done via 7 small ergonomic keys.

On the other hand, the instructions for use are in English and the machine is devoid of the value function.

Before Choosing A Ticket Counter, Think About These

You want to invest in a professional ticket counter, but can not make a choice in the face of the multitude of offers on the market? Know that if you define your needs correctly, it will be easier for you to opt for the best option. The main information that it is necessary to take into account first and foremost is the number of tickets you have to count per day as well as the functions you need. To help you, we have listed the most important selection criteria:

  • The volume of tickets: logically, depending on your activity and the size of your business, the volume of tickets to be processed will not be the same. Indeed, if you are the manager of a convenience store, you will not have the same number of cash as the central cash register of a large ready-to-wear store for example. In the first case, a machine that counts the number of tickets will certainly suffice, while for the department store it will be more interesting to choose a machine that can automatically sort the tickets by value and add up the total amount;
  • Counting speed: this is a criterion that is expressed in the number of tickets per minute and is provided by the manufacturer. Entry-level models will often offer speeds of 600 to 800 tickets/minute, while higher-end models are capable of counting more than 1500 tickets/minute. Some machines also have adjustable speed;
  • Counterfeit banknote detection: the banknote counter counts banknotes, but the majority of models offered today are also capable of detecting counterfeits. This function is provided by several analysis points that differ depending on the range and models. The most advanced counters are able to control more than 7 points.

Maintenance Of Your Professional Ticket Counter

The professional ticket counter is a significant investment for a company. Like any electronic device, it is important to take care of it and clean it regularly in order to extend its lifespan. Indeed, banknotes are often dirty, your machine is exposed to risks: the dust present on the pieces of paper can invade the mechanism and taint the operation of the sensors.

To do this, once a week bring a small clean brush and cloth to clean the inside of your device.

Before any manipulation, carefully read the instructions for use or the user guide to avoid any malfunction or error.

Also, avoid inserting torn, folded or too bad banknotes, to reduce the risk of jamming, breakdown or malfunction.

The Professional Ticket Counter: Time Saving And Profitability Assured

Our comparison is now over. We hope to have covered all the useful information about these small electronic machines and that thanks to them you will find the one that will save you time. Avoiding accounting errors, fraud and facilitating the counting and preparation of the cash register are the main objectives of professional banknote counters. So, do not hesitate any longer and free yourself from what can quickly become a real daily chore thanks to these small devices.

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