Taking Advantage Of Brand Lovers In Your Marketing Strategy

Taking Advantage Of Brand Lovers In Your Marketing Strategy

Love is the energy that moves the world, and relationships with brands are no exception. And I do not mean to design a campaign with irresistible offers for Valentine’s Day, but to cultivate relationships with lovers of your brand or Brand Lovers. Who are they?

Brand Lovers?

The lover’s brand is simply the lovers or fans of your brand, those who have a deep emotional connection with her. For example, users queuing all night to get the new iPhone model before anyone else, or Star Wars fans who go to premieres with all their merchandise.

They have a series of characteristics that make them great allies of your brand:

The price does not matter to them. From the previous example, Apple products are more expensive than most of the competition, but users remain loyal to them year after year. And it is that the decision to buy your favorite love brand is no longer guided by simply rational criteria, but rather an emotional bond.

  • They buy all kinds of related items. Fans of the brand are a gold mine for cross-selling and promoting your collectibles and merchandise.
  •  Like true fanboys, the lovers of your brand will be there to defend it against negative comments. Their role can be extremely important in the face of a reputational crisis, as they can act even before you arrive. Also, since it is a genuine defense (they are not paid by the brand nor are they official representatives of the brand), they will help you score points of authenticity.
  • Brand Lovers are natural influencers, as they will not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone who wants to listen to them. And of course, word of mouth helps to increase your benefits.

It is clear that these users are very important allies for your marketing strategy, but be careful: if you want them to help you, you will have to get in touch with them and take care of them as they deserve. In the next section, we will see how to achieve it.

Advantage Of Brand Lovers

Turn Your Followers Into Your Consumers

Most brands don’t have a hugely passionate fan base, especially if they are just starting out. But it does not mean that you should give up

Even if you already have a certain base of Brand Lovers, it is always a good idea to nurture the relationship with your users so that they become brand lovers. Few tips to keep in mind are:

Customize your message.

For a customer to become a brand ambassador, they must feel an emotional connection. And to awaken emotions, it is important that communication is as personalized as possible. The keys are to actively listen to find out what really interests your target and design a marketing strategy focused on interaction, which facilitates having “one-to-one” conversations.

Taking care of customer service.

Customer service is one of the best aspects to win the hearts of users, but many brands still do not do it well. They need to feel that you are really listening to them and that you are there to help them, even when the problem is not your fault.

Post relevant content.

To fit in with your clients and make them feel that you are on the same wavelength, you first have to know them thoroughly: what they need, what they want, what challenges they face … Therefore, you need to spend time conducting market research and asking them directly to them. In this way, your message will resonate with their interests and help them create an emotional connection.

Stop being ordinary.

If you want to raise passions, you have to surprise and get them to stop to look at you twice, so don’t be afraid to take risks with your proposals and your creativity.

Pamper Your Brand Lovers

Who has a brand lover, has a treasure. Once you have managed to identify or create these lovers of your brand, you will have to take care of the relationship with them in the long term. Pay attention to these keys.

  • Give recognition to your brand lovers. Go directly to your brand’s most die-hard fans to let them know that you appreciate them. Thank them for speaking well of you and offer them ways to stay in touch. 
  • Create a direct line of communication with the brand. Fans of a brand want to feel heard, rather than having to engage with it through intermediaries.

Finding Your Best Fans

Some brands have it very simple. you can easily see which users are talking about your brand repeatedly and in a positive tone with these key points

  • The hashtags and publications on social networks related to your brand, products, and services (both general categories and your specific products).
  • The alerts of the name of your brand and your products in search engines.
  • The type of publications, tone, and sentiment.

It is interesting to assess which are the Brand Lovers that can give you more play when promoting your brand. 

 There influence on social networks Their involvement with the brand and the quality of the content you publish and your ability to communicate

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