What Are The Different Types Of Advertising Strategies?

What Are The Different Types Of Advertising Strategies?

Nowadays, Advertising Strategies can be easier than a few years ago, as the internet and technology have become a strong ally for entrepreneurs to reach more people and increase their sales. However, competition has also increased and companies have found it necessary to become even more creative in order to distinguish themselves from the rest. 

All companies want their customers to be loyal to them and, surely, it is just what you are looking for at this moment. The good news is that over time, more types of advertising strategies have emerged that you can use and achieve the consolidation of your business. 

What Is An Advertising Strategy?

The advertising strategy is the action to be taken by a company to seek to bring a product or service to consumers. The objective is to position a brand through different channels.

It is important to emphasize that advertising and promotion are concepts that work hand in hand and seek the same objective (to sell), but they are not the same. While the first makes a brand known and the second is to attract people to acquire it. 

There are different types of advertising strategies, 

Types Of Advertising Strategies 

Content Advertising 

Content advertising is one of the marketing strategies that seek to directly influence consumers through various channels. Its message is direct and clear and seeks to reach the largest number of people. 

There is currently a dilemma between whether content advertising and content marketing are the same. Although their characteristics may be similar, the second is less invasive than the other, since for content marketing its focus is to meet the needs of users and then mention the brand in addition 

There are different types of advertising depending on their content, for example: 

Informative Advertising 

It focuses on educating users about your brand and the value that acquiring something from it will bring to their lives. It is usually used in investment products or services since the main intention is to make the potential client see that their investment will be profitable. 

Comparative Advertising 

As the concept says, this advertising strategy focuses on comparing your brand with your competitors. The idea is to reinforce the characteristics that give you the most value about them and show consumers that you provide them with more benefits. 

This type of advertising requires a lot of research, since the data you present must support. Also, you really must comply with all the flattering aspects that make you more special, otherwise, your reputation may be damaged. 

Emotional Content 

It is one of the most used strategies because its intention is to penetrate the users by awakening the emotions of the people who will see the ad. You have the opportunity to raise awareness, make viewers smile, remind them of moments of happiness, or more through your brand. 

Pull Advertising 

The pull strategy consists of an attraction made by the consumers themselves. This happens when a brand is already well-positioned in the market and people are looking to find out and buy from it. Her tactic is more aimed at the end customer since it is not necessary to convince someone that the brand is good. 

Its purpose is to stay in the mind of the consumer by making a presence in all possible media: social networks, television, advertisements, among others. In the same way, the pull strategy seeks that the consumer identifies with the brand and loyalty to it. 

Examples The name of a recognized brand such as Apple, Dell, MAC, or others for a long list of options to appear. Rather, their differentiation will be the type of ads they use, such as the ones we have mentioned: informative, emotional, or comparative.  

Push Advertising 

Unlike pull advertising, this strategy consists of introducing a new product or service to the market. It is also known as a push strategy, as it seeks to make itself known among consumers to generate sales. Every new company goes through this type of advertising to position itself. 

Advertising can appear on different media such as social networks or traditional media; in the same way, it makes use of product strategies such as price. Being a new brand they can start their way with consumers by offering a cheaper price for a limited time to attract them. 

The push strategy can work hand in hand with marketing content s  for a new company to establish itself as an expert in your industry. Blogs are an excellent option to show users that you know very well what you are talking about, and you have the perfect product or service to help them with their needs.  

Consumer-Based Advertising

The strategy focuses on the type of people to whom the advertising is going to be directed. The type of language that is used depends on this, in what media it will be announced, in what way is the best to make the message clear, among others. 

A deep analysis of the target audience must be carried out, as their lifestyle, preferences, needs or other aspects related to their person will be taken into account for the success of the campaign.

There are 3 Important types of target: 


Business to business (business to business) is aimed, as its name says, at companies. The ideal is to approach with a product or service that is of interest to a company such as inventory management software or some equipment or machinery.

The message has to be very clear and should highlight both the values ​​and the benefits of the brand so that the company is inclined to it. 

LinkedIn is one of the ideal media for this type of advertising since most of the companies and their directors are located here. Common ways to advertise can be through text ads, sponsored content, dynamic ads, and sponsored email messages. 


Business to consumers (from business to consumer) is basically all kinds of advertising that can be known. Advertising and marketing strategies work day by day on this target, trying to attract them to increase the sales of their brands. 

If you check your social networks, if you find yourself walking down the street or if you are watching television, you will surely find B2C strategies all the time. 


The consumer to consumer strategy occurs among the audience itself. Currently, social networks play an important role for this type of advertising, since Facebook or Instagram users have found the ideal space to sell their products. 

Surely you know someone who belongs to a Sales group on Facebook where all kinds of users constantly offer various products or services.

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