What Are The Phases Of Project Management?

What Are The Phases Of Project Management?

When your company is ready to do a project it needs human and financial resources to reach the goal. So, you need the organizing, coordinating, managing skills, and planning of a dedicated team and, of course, someone to lead you. A good project management tool will help you to centralize all the information and, at the same time, to allow all the workers to know what are the tasks that they must carry out at all times.

What Is Project Management?

Project Management set of methods that are aimed at planning and directing the different processes within a project. This includes planning, organization of human and/or material resources, managing resources, and executing the activities planned to achieve the objective pursued. The projects that a company has to face are very different from each other. Some may have to do directly with your activity and others not so much. 

When project management seeks is to do a good administration of the start and development of the project. Those involved can respond to the problems that arise during the project and facilitate its completion. As a project is something different from the company’s daily activity, it must be treated specially. Everything must be well planned and it is essential to have a qualified and motivated work team.

What Are The Phases Of Project Management?

To achieve the objectives set, it is essential that project management is well organized.


Planning is the phase to detail all those tasks to be carried out and the necessary resources. If not clearly defined, this can have a (very) negative impact on the business. Assuming that the project can be carried out on the contracted terms, it is time to plan everything that needs to be done.

 For this, the different tasks that make up the project are analyzed and the necessary resources to carry them out are distributed. To succeed it is necessary to calibrate the scope of the project, make a realistic estimate of the resources that will be required and the costs that will have to be assumed, and, finally, define the project plan.


Every planning begins at this stage. Tasks are tracked as they are completed, and obstacles encountered, how they were overcome, and goals achieved are recorded.

it is important to maintain a suitable work environment at the same time, in which teams are developed with the necessary tools, with management that understands their needs and provides good guidance.

Performance Of The Project 

The project manager and team managers will share progress impressions of the work done in real-time, as it is carried out. Monitoring will be possible to check if the objectives are met as planned and if it is necessary to make modifications. Thanks to the data collected, it is possible to manage the follow-up of the planned tasks, the management of deliverables, the generation of incidents, and reports that show the evolution of the project that will be delivered to directors.

Project Closure

Once each member of the team has finished their task, it is time to check that everything is correct. The final stage is in which not only is the project flagged, but it is checked whether the management was correct and the opportunities from which we can learn for the next.

 A review of all the activities carried out is then made through a checklist and possible faults are searched for. If everything is correct, the project is finished. In some cases, it is also recommended that after the closing there is a phase of analysis of the results. 

This implies preparing a report with the most important data so that they can serve as a knowledge base for possible future projects that are similar to the one that has been carried out. Approaching a project properly can be very beneficial for the company both economically and on a reputational level. It is true that planning is not always simple and that it involves dedicating time and effort, but if done well the results can be very positive. 

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