What Devices Does Google Assistant Control?

What Devices Does Google Assistant Control?

Which devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit? Many, in fact, already have compatible versions of the most common electronics in your home, from the coffee maker to the bulbs that can connect with them.

Google Assistant, Apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa are already the most popular voice assistants and get along very well with all or most devices, gadgets and smart home appliances. What does it mean? They can be controlled with your voice and through them with maximum comfort and minimum effort.

What Can I Do With Alexa, Google Assistant Or Apple Homekit

Attention because we are going to give you a basic tip to save to get the most out of your assistant: buy smart plugs and turn your coffee maker, your floor lamp or the TV into a device that you can handle with your voice, through Alexa.

For Alexa – or any of the assistants on the market – to turn on the lights in your house, turn on the heating or make coffee you need to have the collaboration of these devices that, in principle, must incorporate artificial intelligence and be compatible. Unless you use plugs for appliances that allow it.

A smart plug to transform your electrical appliances

The trick for your coffee maker to become intelligent is to connect it to a plug that is so that through Alexa it becomes manageable. Actually, what connects with Alexa is the plug, but in turn that allows the lamp on your bedside table, for example, to turn on or off, depending on Alexa to put or remove electronic supply to the plug, according to your voice commands.

In the market you can find a lot of smart plugs to meet your power needs and additional functions such as programming or consumption control. The price range is very wide starting at less than 10 dollars and reaching proposals with 50 dollars and many additional functionalities.

Smart bulbs and lights

Voice assistants can turn your home lights on and off for you both through voice commands and programmatically or with a mobile application that allows remote control of your home lighting.

You will have no problem finding bulbs compatible with your chosen home system. In addition, there is a great variety in power, types of lighting, intensities and colors.

Small appliances

The coffee maker and humidifier are two of the most popular household gadgets, which has allowed smart models to be developed soon. With this type of small appliances controlled, life in your home will be much more comfortable. Yes, with one of those coffee makers if you want, you can have freshly brewed coffee at the right moment you get up and get to your kitchen.

Large appliances: washing machine, dryer and fridge

Smart refrigerators are able to manage their content and your shopping list, if you connect them to your voice assistance system you can enjoy functional as practical as knowing what is missing inside your fridge, what is about to expire or what you need to buy shortly.

Washing machines are the other star appliance for homes with virtual assistants. It allows not only programming, but remote activation or adding dried or centrifuged according to your needs. Energy efficiency and consumption are also controlled in many models so you can improve their use and do smart washes.

Surveillance systems

The system of cameras or sensors you have to protect the security of your home can be perfectly compatible with your Google Assistant, if you choose it. Among other possibilities, it allows you to see and save from anywhere the images that are being taken by the surveillance cameras that you have installed in your home, for example, to take care of your pet.

Thermostat: always perfect temperature

The comfort of a home has a lot to do with the temperature that is enjoyed in it in any season and regardless of whether you have connected the heating, air conditioning or other air conditioning elements. Your home assistant can help you control these types of appliances and the thermostat with which you manage this aspect of your home.

The intelligence of a home thermostat, in addition to allowing compatibility with your assistant, facilitates an efficient management of both cold and heat, which is automatically reflected in your bills without losing comfort at home.

Is Compatibility Universal Between Smart Devices And Assistants?

The easiest thing is that you buy an assistant: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Homekit to be able to manage everything you already have in your house that can be compatible and in a short time you will acquire new devices that can be connected and managed through it.

There is no general universality that allows us to affirm that any device with artificial intelligence and access to the Network by wifi can always be coupled to the devices of the different companies. In short, not all bulbs of this type, for example, can be controlled by voice regardless of whether you are from Google, Amazon or Apple.

When you go to buy new gadgets for your home, it is important that you do not forget to make sure that compatibility with your virtual assistant exists and that it adapts completely to all your needs. 

It is true that in the case of Alexa if you buy on Amazon its products, it is unlikely that they will not be compatible with it. The compatibility of devices with Google is also quite high and where you will find less possibilities is, if you have opted for Apple.

Home assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa are here to stay because thanks to the advantages, amenities and even energy savings that are achieved with them, users recommend them mostly. Start with the simplest devices and build your own home automation ecosystem at home. It’s very simple.

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