What Is Better ERP And CRM On-Premises Or In The Cloud?

What Is Better ERP And CRM On-Premises Or In The Cloud?

The ERP and CRM cloud programs in public clouds have become the objective of many companies attracted by the flexibility and immediate cost savings compared to a local implementation. 

This option is one of the favorites of companies that are new to the use of this type of software or need to replace products that cannot evolve to be used in mobility, using them on any mobile device, time and place. Other organizations have chosen to migrate their ERP and CRM platforms to private clouds , thus also accessing the mobility advantages of their consumption in the cloud. 

And, above all, they have absolute control over them. But there are also companies that, due to the criticality of their data, continue to bet on their traditional on-premises infrastructures. In addition, the migration of ERP and CRM to the Cloud is a process that requires a lot of dedication and, 

If you do not have an expert company in migrating business solutions to the cloud , it can become a source of problems. In the end, deciding the deployment of ERP and CRM in the Cloud depends on the particularities of each company.

An interesting option provided by leading ERP and CRM manufacturers such as Sage is to enjoy a subscription fee for the consumption of the programs but install them on your own infrastructure. It is an intermediate plan that combines the advantages on-premises with the benefits of the cloud.

What Are The Advantages Of An Analytical ERP And  A CRM Business Intelligence?

Coming to acquire the best cloud ERP and CRM, on-premises or hybrid , in addition to prioritizing the benefits of public or private cloud consumption, and its mobility functionalities, 

It is essential to assess its capabilities to perform business analytics. Nobody is aware that the volume of data that is generated both within these programs and in the different sources to which they can be linked, does not stop growing and that it is necessary to properly exploit them to extract value for the business

This is achieved with Business Data Analytics technology.  Having visual dashboards and being able to make multidimensional reports is a great advantage. Selecting an analytical ERP and a CRM Analytics is essential to be able to understand what is happening in the business and the behavior of customers in order to make the best decisions.

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