What Are The Tasks Of PMOs?

What Are The Tasks Of PMOs?

The implementation of the PMO or Project Management Office contributes to profitability and achieving the objectives of the organization. Companies tend to work on projects to ensure that strategic business objectives are met. The PMO Manager is the person who directs this department. The stages of the execution of a project are supervised by this professional.

What Does PMO Mean?

Project Management Office is an area within the organization that is responsible for defining and maintaining standards and processes that have to do with project management. There are especially industries whose business is based on the execution of projects.

For example, the construction industry or the software industry, but we also see them in organizations where they want to carry out their strategies, turn their initiatives, into projects and want those projects to be carried out successfully. In practice, a PMO is a knowledge center that offers support services to projects and also to their teams.

Tasks Of PMOs

PMOs constitute the natural link between the company’s portfolios, programs and projects, and measurement systems. Tasks of PMOs are:

Managing Shared Resources

Companies today have collaborators, software, tools, and equipment that must be shared among all the projects developed. Project offices are increasingly important due to the need to use resources to maximize project performance, highlighting Granadino. Due to this, the PMOs have begun to manage these shared resources, ensuring that they are available for each of the projects and comply with each outlined specifications.

Changing The Management Program

PMOs have always been a critical focus while changing the management, it has assumed renewed importance at the business level as organizations focus on significant transformation efforts. Thus, well-defined change management strategies are needed to enhance stakeholder engagement and generate support for the company’s strategic goals and objectives.

Controlling The Projects

It is a key function in project management. Its purpose is to ensure that projects are prepared in the established time and under specific rules. PMOs may have the authority to enforce control of the project or provide expert advice to individual project managers.

 If they enforce control of the project, they will need to be equipped to collect project data, such as the percent complete for each task. In addition, they perform the earned value calculation and report the budget data.

Promoting The Project Management

They are employed to create and foster a project management culture at all organizational levels and areas. To achieve this objective, it is necessary for the PMO and the corporate headquarters to work hand in hand to create and manage projects that allow the achievement of strategic objectives.

 They can also develop project management conferences, trade shows, and similar events that train and publicize best practices and guidelines in project management. PMO has become one of the most important areas of modern business. Thanks to it, the standards and methodologies to be used in each of the projects are defined. A PMO area with trained professionals and with the appropriate tools will allow companies to achieve their strategic objectives.

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