Improve The Digital Presence Of Your Business With These B2B Marketing Strategies

Improve The Digital Presence Of Your Business With These B2B Marketing Strategies

B2B Marketing Strategies : Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the restrictions it caused, society and the economy are more dependent on digital infrastructure and the internet. Both consumers and companies have had to adapt to business relationships and remote communication. This transformation has resulted in a more digitized society, users spend more time on the internet, where various consumer activities have moved. A study by Capterra, on online purchases, indicates that there was an increase in the frequency of purchases on the internet during the pandemic.

Currently, it is common for prior research to be done on the internet before purchasing a product or service, whether online opinions, specialist blogs, or YouTube videos, to name a few, are consulted. For example, according to a Capterra survey of online reviews, online reviews affect purchase decisions because they build trust among users. This activity, checking opinions online, has also increased in recent months and has become key in the selection and purchase process.

Marketing campaigns and digital presence are essential to be known in the different spaces on the network, such as search engines, social networks, and eCommerce platforms, to name a few. As can be concluded, the internet presence of a business is convenient to survive in today’s market. 

B2B Marketing Strategies To Improve The Digital Presence Of Businesses

4 B2B marketing strategies to improve the digital presence of companies

The strategies to attract potential customers and convert them are many. There is no single formula and each company must act according to its market and take advantage of the position it already has. Even so, there are basic elements, such as correct communication in the appropriate language, that cannot be neglected.

The B2B marketing strategies we recommend are based on a Gartner article aimed at companies selling software in a SaaS (software as a service) model. Even so, these are strategies that are useful for any type of company since the purpose is the same: to drive the right potential customers to the product or service and convert them.

Strategy 1: 

Have a clear value proposition on the front page of the website

On the homepage of the website, it is vital to provide a clear value proposition that explains what the product or service does, who it is for and why it is different from other propositions on the market. A web page must be designed that meets this requirement since it is the first impression that a visitor will have about the product or service.

Tactics to optimize the front page and boost the B2B marketing plan

Content marketing refers to text, images, videos, interaction, and any means that serve to captivate the user who visits the page, different means or formats can be used to demonstrate how the product can help the problem points of the visitors.

Include a primary CTA (call to action) button at the top of the page, and add secondary CTA buttons later on the same page, giving users the opportunity to navigate to pages of specific content, and increasing the possibility of generating leads.

Demonstrate cases of how the product or service has positively impacted the businesses of other users. Examples: success stories, positive testimonials, good ratings on trusted platforms, industry recognition and awards, and more.

Strategy 2:

Leverage product pages to highlight user testimonials and ideal buyers

It must specify what the product or service is specialized in, if it solves a problem shared by several sectors or if it is designed to solve a problem in a certain industry. This can be achieved with product pages that indicate how the product or service is useful for certain specific problems. 

This information will help filter out visitors who do not meet the desired customer profile and, at the same time, help connect with the target audience and the buyer person (customer profile) , thus avoiding receiving online opinions. negative comments about the product by users who bought it thinking that it would solve things for which it was not designed.

Strategy 3: 

Landing pages help follow up on previously provided information and engage potential customers with more detailed and relevant content. These pages can also support the marketing team to better understand the unique needs of visitors via forms, which helps qualify potential customers.

Tactics to optimize landing pages and boost your B2B marketing plan

Create a buyer persona and use it to adapt the content of the page. The visitors to the landing pages come from a marketing campaign, you must take advantage of their initial interest to show that the product or service fits their needs.

Forms that collect information from visitors should be kept short to avoid being intimidating. If there are more than 5 questions, the form should be divided into two or three steps.

Strategy 4:

Create buyer-specific content for social media marketing. A Gartner study of social media marketing ( content only available to Gartner clients ) indicates that nearly 46% of shoppers use social media in the early stages of their customer experience when creating product/company listings such as the product/service you are looking for. Meanwhile, 40% use social networks in the intermediate steps, when researching price plans and user opinions of the product in question.

Tactics To Boost Social Media Strategies And Performance

Check that the company’s social network profiles (for example, descriptions, and images) are aligned with the platform’s requirements to be displayed correctly on mobile and computer screens.

Take stock of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as engagement metrics, post metrics, audience demographics, referral traffic, and channel-specific metrics, and analyze them so you can select two or three platforms to focus on.

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