How Do I Create A Logo For Free For A YouTube Channel?

How Do I Create A Logo For Free For A YouTube Channel?

How To Create A Logo For Free For A YouTube Channel? How to have a unique logo for your YouTube channel? Whether it’s the design criteria or the many solutions, we’re going to see together everything you need to remember about creating a free logo for a YouTube channel.

Although commonplace according to several YouTube creators, the logo has a crucial role in the identity of a YouTube channel. In addition, it makes content more credible and boosts online visibility, which will undoubtedly attract sponsors.

Nowadays, there are several options to make the logo of your YouTube channel, and this, for different budgets. It is no longer essential to seek the services of a design agency or a freelance graphic designer to obtain a quality logo. This is because online logo generators allow you to create a logo for free with just one click.

To know everything about how to Create A Logo For Free For A YouTube Channel, it’s here!

How To Choose A Logo?

Logo creation uses unconscious psychological perceptions. The color, the size, the typography. Everything is judiciously studied to convey a specific image and message.

For example, the choice of colors should not be made according to your preferences. Nor can it be the result of chance. Remember to study the symbolism of colors.

Similarly, the choice of the shape of a logo cannot be the result of chance. A circular shape refers to a positive sense of unity just like a wedding ring while the square shape is synonymous with order and balance. It’s all about psychology.

Finally, the choice of typography must also be carefully considered because each font has its own personality and gives its own impressions.

What Are The Criteria For Creating A Unique Logo For A YouTube Channel?

In order to ensure that your logo for a Youtube channel is effective and impactful, make sure that your emblem meets the following creation criteria!

A logo should be simple

An effective logo is simple, crisp and precise. He must get straight to the point by expressing the subject of your YouTube channel. Also, it must be visually pleasing, readable and understandable. It therefore requires little detail in the text or colors.

A logo must be memorable

We’ve found that it’s easier to remember a logo than the name of a YouTube channel. Therefore, a logo must be recognizable and memorable.

A logo must be consistent

The logo should be consistent with the graphics of your YouTube channel. For this, it must have the same color, the same typography and the same elements as the rest of the channel (banner, video thumbnails)

A logo must be versatile

The logo of a YouTube channel must be accessible, readable by several media (PC, tablets, phone) and suitable for sharing on all social networks (Instagram, Facebook). Hence the importance of having a simple logo.

A logo must be timeless

A logo should not follow trends. It is normal to want to create an original logo but it must above all last over time.

How Do I Create A Logo For Free For A YouTube Channel?

Nowadays, it is possible to design a logo for a YouTube channel without paying for a graphic design service. Indeed, there are simple and easy-to-use solutions to create a logo for free such as Adobe Creative Cloud Express, TailorBrands, Turbologo.

These free online software do not require any special graphic design skills to make a professional quality logo yourself. With an intuitive platform interface, premade logo templates to customize, you can access their logo maker tool with just one click.

Thanks to its online logo creators, graphic design is accessible to as many people as possible at a lower price.


In conclusion, a logo is an important element in your Communication Strategy on YouTube. Just like a website, it is essential to take care of the design of your YouTube channel.

However, it is not easy to create a logo yourself that represents your YouTube content. Using a design agency seems to be the best solution but the price of their service is not to be neglected for young YouTubers.

Fortunately, there are many logo creation software online. These online logo generators allow you to create a qualitative logo for free with ease.

When designing the logo for your YouTube channel, remember that it should be simple, memorable, consistent, versatile and timeless.

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