4K Ultra HD Tablets: Are They Worth To Buy

4K Ultra HD Tablets: Are They Worth To Buy

The Ultra HD resolution would put the aforementioned tablets on par with the flagships of the tablet arena and would obviously come at an additional cost.

We can see that adding to the other high-end tablets already mentioned, only some are large-screen (9 inches or more). In short, while the large Tablets could have Ultra HD resolution, the smaller ones the Quad HD could be enough.

The human eye gets to the point where it is unable to discern between individual pixels for a density above 350 dpi 

The perception is clear and the result can be contrasted with other tablets where the pixelation is visible, making it clear that the new screens need a boost, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of using 4K on a tablet device?

Advantages Of 4k Tablets

The key benefit of 4K resolution on Tablets is the increased density and immersive experience offered by these next-generation displays, but this isn’t just limited to the 4K concept; In the development of next-generation displays, the industry is already positioning itself with goals that go beyond 4K.

We are talking about 8K, which is a compelling reason to join 4K sooner rather than later, even as an adaptation process and a bridge to new technologies.

The other benefit of using 4K on a tablet is the multiplier effect this would have on the lower end of the market.

OEMs are boosting the market for low-end tablets at the sales level, so the introduction of a next-gen 4K display could cause a ripple effect that will also push Full HD and even Quad HD for deals. more affordable.

Disadvantages Of 4k Tablets

There may also be reasons not to use 4K on smartphones, which would apply to tablets as well.

The biggest stumbling block is undoubted that next-generation displays would see battery life significantly reduced; Possibly one of the main motivations in buying a tablet is to be able to use it for several days in a row without recharging.

A new, more vibrant and colorful display also requires more power and could lead to claims for shorter battery life

The battery issue, along with the added cost and the inclusion of the Ultra HD, would drive the price up.

The increase would undoubtedly raise the prices of tablets more than any other technological leap so far, something that, for many, would make them too expensive a product.

Do We Really Need Them?

With smartphones and tablets already adopting Quad HD displays, the addition of 4K becomes less important. In the current moment in which we live, improvements at a visual level are increasingly costly in relation to the perception that is achieved of them. In our comparative 10-inch tablets, you will find a wide variety of models at more affordable prices.

Once we have jumped from 2K to 4K, we will have to work hard to see all the contrasts and differences between the two resolutions, even with perfect vision.

The benefits of technology at the display level and the knock-on effect they come with face significant stumbling blocks, such as battery limitations and rising price, especially when advancements in battery durability are also costing a lot of work.

Undoubtedly, tablet screens have to move forward to prevent the market from stagnating, and, as long as there are small devices – with screens that measure between 7 and 9 inches – the Quad HD resolution will continue to be good enough.

For larger Tablets, there is a need to incorporate Ultra HD, thus ensuring that the contrast between individual pixels cannot be discerned.

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