What Are The Functions Of The Salesforce?

What Are The Functions Of The Salesforce?

In this article, we’re sharing our thoughts on salesforce. The strategies and lines of action of a sales department are the human and material resources that a company has to develop said commercial work. Human resources are the sales teams themselves, that is, the salespeople and the managers or area managers. The technical resources of the sales force are always subject to human resources, which are, ultimately, those who carry out the actions corresponding to this area of the company.

Let us remember that sales are a fundamental element for the performance of a company since they allow measuring the level of acceptance of products and services in a market and, except in cases such as non-profit companies or subsidized by some type of organization or entity, are the main source of income. However, when it comes to specific functions of the sales force, some aspects must be taken. They are:

The Sale

It may sound obvious, but it is not so obvious: the sales force is responsible for assuming the sales process itself, which is endowed with specific phases and must respond to the strategies that each company has drawn up in its Sales Plan. . Selling implies, for example, mastering the art of negotiation and knowing and applying basic recommendations in this regard.

Selection Of Staff

Not everyone will be qualified to be part of a sales team. The personnel selection processes are also the responsibility of the sales force, which, in joint action with the Human Resources area, choose the personnel to carry out commercial tasks.

Sales Strategists

Designing the sales strategists as the sales force always represented by the director or area manager must develop the sales strategies that their sales teams will apply. These are policies and guidelines that must be followed when negotiating with clients, which require unity.


The directors of the sales area are also responsible for the respective follow-up and monitoring of business processes. Each company must set the indicators to determine if the work of its sales teams is as expected or if they are below their imagination.

Training The Salesperson

Salesforce, requires preparation and specific training, to maximize the necessary skills. Beyond the natural talent of some people to sell products, it is necessary to invest resources in training programs that enhance the negotiating activity of sellers, in addition to keeping them updated in terms of skills.

Organizing The Salesforce Of A Company

SMEs companies do not need overly sophisticated logistics to get their sales to force up and running. Since its internal structures are not too complex, it is enough to set some basic parameters and put them in place for the clients. 

The opposite is the case with large salesforce organizations which require the design of a sales model itself. This occurs when companies, in addition to the personnel in charge of the commercial department, must rely on external vendors, who can be organized based on these:


This implies that each seller focuses on a specific customer. For example, wholesalers that operate in any sector of the trade usually give a personalized treatment to each of the clients who, later on, will distribute their products in the market. This structure guarantees personalized attention. 


Each seller is assigned a territory for the sale of products or services. It is usually a way to decentralize the vein team of companies to reach other regions, provinces, countries, and even continents. The seller will try to build lasting relationships with customers.


Coming to this, each seller specializes in the sale of a specific product or service. It is a structure especially valued by companies with a wide range of products that are very different from each other. The fact that sellers specialize in its sale guarantees that, at the time of negotiation, they will have full knowledge about it.

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