How Does Micro Dimming Work?

How Does Micro Dimming Work?

The new technologies of image increasingly allow total immersion of the five senses on the small screen with unsurpassed visual quality. Among these advances, Micro Dimming stands out, a technology that, by accentuating contrasts, achieves a color improvement two times greater than previous systems.

What Is Micro Dimming?

Nowadays, the quality of television screens has increased notably in recent years. This has been achieved thanks to the introduction of new technologies, which allow us a complete immersion in television with a sharper image than ever. One of these technologies is Micro Dimming, which regulates the sharpness and contrast parameters automatically 

So that they are ideal and thus provide you with a perfect visualization of the image. The areas of the screen with more light shine by themselves while the dark areas are even more.

What Are The Types of Micro Damming?

There are different evolutions in Micro Damming technology, in which the technology is improved, increasing the areas that are analyzed in each one of them. Whether a television incorporates one or the other will depend on the brand.

Micro Dimming Ultimate 

The screen, thanks to this technology, is divided into even more sections than in the case of other technologies given below. This is the latest in this type of technology.

Micro Dimming

Micro Dimming is the simplest model of this imaging technology. As explained above, it creates a higher level of contrast to deliver great image quality.

Micro Dimming Pro

This technology divides the TV panel into 6,400 zones, ensuring optimal image quality, creating even more contrast between light and dark areas. We can find this Micro Dimming Pro technology.

Working Of Micro Damming

This is software installed on the TV itself, through a microprocessor, is able to analyze up to 6,400 zones different from the same image. Through this analysis, you can determine what the required level of light and darkness is and automatically set it to display on the screen, without the viewer being aware of it. 

This allows light colors to look much brighter and dark colors more intense, also thanks to the incorporation of LED screens. In a normal LED television, which does not have the Micro Damming incorporated, the contrast adjustments are made on the entire screen equally, without dividing by sections or offering this contrast. Some televisions still have Local Dimming technology incorporated, which varied the LEDs depending on the lighting needs. The Micro Dimming goes a step further, perfecting the Local Dimming and showing us the best image quality.

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