How Smart TV Is Connected To The Internet?

How Smart TV Is Connected To The Internet?

The big advantage of having a Smart TV in your home is being able to have an Internet connection on the TV. This fact allows not only to surf the Internet from the integrated browser. But also have full access to thousands of applications.

The reproduction of streaming content, together with the use of the bandwidth made by the rest of the devices in like computers, tablets, mobiles. These require a fast and stable fiber-optic connection. Asymmetric connection is of higher quality, but in these cases, the download speed is what matters. If you are in doubt, the cable to connect your Smart TV to the computer is the HDMI cable.

How To Connect Smart TV To The Internet Using Wifi?

In the case of WiFi networks, it is a bit more complicated. The process of connecting a Smart TV to the Internet through this system differs little from one model to another, since the interfaces are quite intuitive and simple. Despite this, we are going to explain how to connect the Smart TV brands with wifi. If you are having the Samsung smart TV, you can follow these steps to connect quickly and easily,

Click on the Home or Menu button on your remote control and select the Network box.  Then, in the Network Configuration box select the option of Connection via Wi-Fi within the list of that menu. When the connections are loaded within the reach of the TV, select yours and enter the password to access your Internet connection.

There is another option, is to connect to your router’s Wi-Fi network is through WPS. From the same Network Configuration menu, you can select it. It will be as simple as pressing the WPS button on your router when the television tells you to. Without putting passwords. Finally, remember that to enjoy all the applications in the Samsung store you must create a free account. 

How To Connect Smart TV To Cable Internet?

Nowadays all current Smart TVs offer two options to channel the Internet connection that your router is capable of providing. Via an Ethernet cable or a wireless WiFi connection.

As a general rule, televisions connect automatically to the Internet if it is done through a direct cable to your router. These Ethernet cables are very inexpensive. And it is worth it if you have the opportunity to connect your television like this since you will not lose any of the contracted speed.

What If Smart TV Doesn’t Connect To The Internet?

Though you have followed all the steps one by one and despite this, your smart TV refuses to connect, then you have to check where the problem is. First of all, we must rule out that it is the Smart TV itself. Try to create a network anchor from your mobile – a Wi-Fi zone using your data – and connect it following the instructions. 

Use the mobile one more time to check the router connection. By discarding, you can find out which of the two elements does not work and proceed to reset it. If the television does not respond despite turning off, on, and factory reset. In this case, the respective manufacturer should review it. It may be a device failure. 

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