How Does The Automotive Industry Use Augmented Reality And IoT?

How Does The Automotive Industry Use Augmented Reality And IoT?

Automotive Industry : We very often hear the words connected cars, or autonomous cars, but we also very often forget what these expressions mean in their deeper meaning. Indeed, in the name of autonomous cars there is the word autonomous. Autonomous means independent of human action. Human intelligence would therefore no longer have to intervene in driving management.

This simple word speaks for itself, we replace human action by an “intelligent” but software action. It is under this simple word that many advanced technologies are hidden between the fields of the Internet of Things (IOT) and Augmented Reality (AR) .

The Car Without The Internet of Things No Longer Exists

Today in any car offered on the market, there is inter-system connectivity . Whether only in the GPS, in the dashboard or in security management, the Internet of Things has become ubiquitous.

Cars are permanently connected and they would no longer function without the presence of numerous sensors.

The proof is that hackers managed to control a car remotely through the vehicle’s connected systems. We let you watch the video: 

This video does not mean that the IOT is a system of uncertain reliability, on the contrary, it takes years and years of practice to succeed in a hack like this.

But we put this video as an example to show you how connected vehicles are today. In the video we see that even the horn can be controlled remotely, while one would be tempted to believe that it only works with mechanics.

To clearly understand why in a few years the car without Internet of Things will no longer exist , it is necessary to understand the trend of the global automotive market. So we will quickly review the history of the automotive industry.

What Is The History Of The Automotive Industry?

The history of the Automotive Industry spans several centuries and it is for this reason that we will focus on its development since the 1900s.

We deeply admire Henry Ford for his work and his dedication which enabled people of all persuasions to have access to a functional vehicle at a very low cost at the time. Apart from the strategy he used, he was really the one who transformed the automotive industry.

At that time the problem was how we could move “automatically”, “motorized”, without having to use horses to pull out vehicles. Then came the problem of knowing how to spread the motorized car to all classes of society. And now that everyone has a car, the question is how can we make it easier to drive. This is where many innovations have come from.

Innovation: What Is The Trend In The Automotive Industry?

Since the world has had access to the car, innovations have been directed towards driving comfort and passenger safety.

How can the driver no longer spend hours looking for the route on a map? How can he avoid having to stop to read his card? As you know, we created the GPS to overcome this problem. Thanks to an interface connected to a satellite, the GPS tells the driver which route to follow.

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