Internet Box Alone: What To Choose In 2022?

Internet Box Alone: What To Choose In 2022?

Are you looking for information on the internet box alone, the different offers, but also how to choose the best one? Then you are on the right article! Indeed, we offer you in this article, advice and explanations on what an internet box alone, its advantages and uses or the selection criteria to find the offer you need.

An Internet Box Without TV Or Phone?

Before explaining how to subscribe or how to choose your package, it is good to make a reminder and understand what an internet box alone is. We are used today when we subscribe to a new Internet subscription contract with an access provider, to opt for an all-inclusive formula, because usually this is what they put forward. In other words, a formula that then includes the internet subscription, television and telephone line. The internet box alone, it is therefore a formula that excludes this, and which is therefore presented without tv and without phone.

Why Opt For This Type Of Formula?

While it is true that the all-inclusive formula is the best because it is more complete, it is not necessarily necessary for everyone. Several situations can then push you to want an offer without tv and phone. 

For example, if you already have a box at home that offers this service, and you simply want to add an internet box for another activity such as work, you do not necessarily need the television (maybe the phone?). A box alone can also be used by those who travel a lot and who want a “mobile” offer. Mobile in the sense that one can move without being attached to a fixed line etc and not in the direction of a mobile phone.

How To Subscribe To An Internet Box Alone?

Subscribing to such an offer is actually not complicated, if we know where to turn of course. It is indeed possible to subscribe to an internet box alone, with many operators and access providers, even the one you already have for your mobile phone for example. 

The ideal is still to play the competition, in order to get the best value for money, but we will explain this just in the next paragraph, because you will see that all offers are not necessarily equal. Otherwise, to return to the subscription of an internet box alone, it is quite simple once you have chosen your offer, you usually just have to make the request, online, or in store for some brands.

How To Choose Your Internet Box Alone?

Now that you know more about this type of offer, it’s time to move on to the question of choice. Because the offers are numerous and it is sometimes difficult to find the best. Note that the best is not necessarily the most popular, nor the cheapest! You have to find the ideal compromise between a small price, and a good quality of course, as for any purchase or subscription you take. Thus there are several criteria to take into account:

The formula:

The first point to check is the formula. At some operators, at the same price, you can get a box without tv, but which still includes the phone. This is sometimes advantageous, especially if, as in our example above, you opt for this type of offer as part of your work.

With or without commitment:

Then, it is important to check if it is an internet box alone with or without commitment. Many impose a commitment on you usually over 12 or 24 months. This also allows you to take advantage of discounts at the time of subscribing, however, you are bound until the anniversary date of the contract!

The type of box:

A criterion perhaps a little more personal we will say, but still to check, it is the type of box provided by your internet service provider and included in your contract or rather necessary. Some charge for the rental others include it in it, just as some are powerful and offer a good network, good power for wifi emission etc.

The type of network:

Finally, the last criterion is the type of network. 3G / 4G / 5G for some boxes, which can be interesting for a mobile connection sharing for example, but especially that will directly influence your type of connection and its power.

Which Suppliers Offer This Offer?

Almost all providers offer this type of internet box offer alone. Note, however, that not all are equal as we said above. It is important to compare well before subscribing to your internet box alone. Major brands have this type of formula. It will of course be necessary to ensure the price, because in some it can quickly become expensive, or even more expensive sometimes than a complete offer subscribed to another service.

In Conclusion & Reviews

You are a priori ready to find the best offer of an internet box alone thanks to our article. We leave it to other sites to compare the different offers, because we only wanted to explain what it was, the advantages and how to choose yours. In our opinion, the internet box alone is a good thing, but sometimes, the price can make you cringe in comparison to other more complete formulas, because not necessarily much cheaper.

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