The Microphone On My Mobile Does Not Work, What Is Wrong With It?

The Microphone On My Mobile Does Not Work, What Is Wrong With It?

When the microphone of our smartphone does not work properly, it is something very easy to detect:

  1. Either during a call the interlocutor does not listen to us or the sound comes with interference or with very little volume.
  2. When we try to record a voice memo or a video, no sound is heard or it is not clear.

There are several reasons why the microphone of the mobile can break down.

Reasons Why The Microphone Of A Mobile Phone Fails

Software Failure

Another reason why a microphone can break down is a software failure. In this case the first option will be to restore the device from the factory, i.e. “format it”.

Before doing this it is important to make a backup of the mobile so as not to lose any important data.

Each mobile has a way to reset, so we must look for how to do it in each model. If once restored, the failure persists, it may be necessary to rule out the software failure and think that the reason for the failure is due to the piece “hardware”.


The main reason is dirt. The microphone of the mobile has a series of tiny slots where dust and dirt can easily sneak in.

Many people make the mistake of inserting a pin or sharp object through the slot.

This is a big mistake because we can drag the dirt to the bottom and plug the hole even more. It is similar to cleaning the ears with the swabs, something that doctors advise against. 

If we suspect that the microphone slots are dirty, we must disassemble the terminal and clean the piece correctly.

It is best to take it to a technical service, because disassembling a mobile phone and getting to the microphone is a rather complex task that needs specific tools and certain knowledge about the anatomy of a smartphone.

Think that cleaning the microphone slot is something very economical and that if we risk doing it ourselves it can be very expensive if we damage an important piece or even if we leave the mobile “irreparable”.

Damaged or deteriorated piece (Blow, own use of the mobile, etc.)

The parts of the mobiles, like those of any device, deteriorate little by little with the use. In addition, if over time the mobile has fallen or hit several times, the risk of the parts being damaged is increased.

In this case you will have to change the damaged part and change it for a new one. Make sure that the replacement part is original from the manufacturer, as they give much less problems in the long run. Part replacement should always be done by a professional.

Water damage

For a mobile to be damaged by water, it does not need to be immersed in a pool or a fountain. It is enough to keep the mobile in a place with high humidity, for example in the bathroom while we shower. Even if we exercise with the mobile and sweat a lot, the sweat itself can damage the mobile.

The micro may have corroded from being in contact with moisture. As in the interior section, the piece will have to be changed completely for a new and original one.

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