Reasons Why You Need A White Label Video Conferencing Solution

Reasons Why You Need A White Label Video Conferencing Solution

Video conferencing solutions are becoming more marketable in the business world than ever before. Why? Most people do most of their communication online today instead of just talking face to face or over the phone like they did years ago.

This makes it much more important for businesses to have an efficient way to communicate with one another that does not rely on emails or phone calls, which can take time and cause confusion and miscommunication by third parties.

Although some companies still believe they can get away with using free services such as Skype, they are missing out on many benefits and advantages of having their own video conferencing solution.

Understanding the difference between a private label and a white-label video conferencing solution is crucial for any company looking to get one. It can determine whether you end up making more money or losing it without even realizing it.

With such an important decision, every business would be wise to consult the many advantages of each type of solution before continuing with their plans. Fortunately, we have put together an exhaustive guide about both so your business can understand precisely what each one entails and which one will work best for your needs.

What Does White Label Mean?

“White label” is a term that gets thrown around quite often, but what does it mean? White label products are services or products which have their brand name replaced with another.

For example, there are many online white label dating websites where you can purchase a membership, replacing the dating website’s logo with your banner. A white label video conferencing solution is the same idea. It is a sleek app that can be branded to appear as though you designed and built it yourself.

Before diving into the benefits of having a white label video chat service, let’s first briefly discuss what exactly this means for your company.

What Does it Mean to Be Offered As a “White Label”?

A white label product refers to one rebranded by the company that acquires it. For example, if you purchase a white label video conferencing solution, you would be able to change the name, logo, and other branding elements to make it look like your own product.

This is in contrast to a “private label” product created and owned by the company that sells it. There is no need to rebrand with a private label product because the company’s name appears on the product.

Reasons Why You Need a White Label Video Conferencing Solution

So why go with a white label video conferencing solution instead of a private one? Here are ten reasons:

Increased flexibility and control

You can change any product elements to make it your own when you have a white label video chat service. This includes the name, logo, color scheme, and user interface. This gives you much more flexibility and control over the look and feel of the product, which can be necessary for branding purposes.

Increased credibility

A white label video conferencing solution allows you to put your own stamp on the product, giving your company more credibility with customers and clients. When people see that a product has been designed and built by your company, they will be more likely to trust it and do business with you.

Increased perceived value

By rebranding a white label video conferencing solution to look like your own product, you can make it seem like it has more value, which will, in turn, drive up the price. When a product is branded as your own, buyers assume that much more thought and effort went into developing it because no one would settle for something not well-made or reputable.

Faster market penetration

Once again, when people see that this white label video conferencing solution looks like something your company created and owns, they may be tempted to buy it from you instead of a competitor who offers a similar service. This may lead to increased market penetration at a much faster rate than having a private label video chat service would allow.

Increased competitive advantage over competitors with white label products

If you have a private label video conferencing solution, you are one of many competitors offering the same product. However, by having a white label video chat service, you can stand out from the crowd and offer something that has not been seen or marketed before.

Agility to adapt to changes in market demands quickly

As your company grows and faces new challenges, your products need to change with them as well. Typically someone who purchases a private label video conferencing solution will have to wait until they can hire enough employees or acquire investors before making updates to the software.

However, with a white label video chat service, this is not an issue because it can be changed at any time, giving you an edge over competitors.

Increased customer loyalty

When customers feel like they are using a product that has been specifically designed for them, they are much more likely to be loyal to your company. This is because they feel like they are part of the process and consider their needs.

With a private label video conferencing solution, it is typically the case that the customer’s needs are not taken into account as much as with a white label one.

Easier to make changes to the product

As your company grows and changes, your products need to grow and change with you. Making changes to a white label video chat service is much easier than making changes to a private label one because you do not have to go through many different channels.

More cash flow available for other areas of your company

When you take money that would usually be used to pay people who are developing a private label video chat service, you can put it in the bank or invest it in other ways, which may create more cash flow for your business in general. This means that you do not have to take on any outside investors and keep the entire company in-house.

No risk of being sued by former employees or partners

White label video conferencing may help avoid lawsuits because your company is just rebranding an existing product instead of hiring people to create something new from scratch.

If someone were to leave your company after working on a private label video conferencing solution and decided to sue you because they were not paid, the company who created it could also be sued since there is no tangible difference between your product and theirs.


Video conferencing has become an essential business tool in today’s economy. By switching to a white label video conferencing solution, companies can save money while improving their communication with each other and customers.

This guide has given you ten great reasons for switching from a private label app to a white label solution, along with ten ways to find the right vendor and ensure your success moving forward.

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