TONOR 12 – Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand TRL-20 Complete Review

TONOR 12 – Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand TRL-20 Complete Review

We all heard about selfie rings and their prominence in the modern world. In this article, we will discuss TONOR 12 – Selfie Ring and why it stands out from other rings.

Tonor 12 TRL-20 selfie ring produces high-quality images and videos. It is beneficial for influencers, bloggers, social media persons and avid photographic experts who actively use social media ( Youtube, Facebook etc.). You can use tonor in both Android and IoS platforms.

TONOR 12 – Selfie Ring Description

If you are a photographic enthusiast, then you are on the right platform. Tonor not only provides excellent features, but it is budget-friendly. Most of the companies don’t maintain both, but TONOR stands out in these aspects.

TONOR 12 – Selfie Ring Light comes with 3 color modes, and you can adjust the brightness levels, and you have an add-on Bluetooth feature which you can operate from a distance. Tonor has a huge customer base, and the products offered by them are irreplaceable.

Unique Features Of Toner 12

Dimmable Ring Light :

color modes tonor 12

TRL-20 has many unique features; one among them is dimmable ring light. It offers 3 color modes: cold, warm, normal and adding to these 10 brightness levels. The temperature varies from 2700K-6500K. It is suitable for Zoom calls, TikTok, YouTube, Makeup, and Photographer.

Upgraded Tripod Stand :

It has an upgraded tripod stand which will benefit you when you shoot for long hours. Its triangular form makes it more stable. And you can capture perfect snap with the help of this feature.

Duration : 

The ring light has a light board and, in addition to that, LED bulbs. It has over-voltage safety measures and electrostatic shielding, making an average life 20000H.

Easy To Operate :

The problem with many devices is: we don’t know how to fix them, but it is not with Tonor. It is very simple, which follows:

  • Set up the ring light and tripod stand
  • Plug the power source and use the Bluetooth to take selfies quickly

What You Get: 12 “ring light with 78.7” / 2m USB cable, metal tripod, phone holder, Bluetooth remote trigger, manual, replacement card.

Accessories That Comes With TONOR

  • Upgraded Tripod Stand
  • 12” Light (Selfie Ring)
  • USB Cable (2M)
  • Remote
  • User Manual
  • After Sales Card

Final Say :

Tonor 12 Selfie Ring is a one-stop solution for recording high-quality images and videos. If you want to record professionally within budget, then go for Tonor 12 without a second thought.

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