Top 5 New Technology Trends In Gaming For 2021

Top 5 New Technology Trends In Gaming For 2021

Companies promote strategies outside the physical space to interact with their customers and their employees. It is a review of the leading digital currents that will revolutionize 2021. The future came suddenly in 2020: while Covid-19 confined the population, their day-to-day tasks had to adapt to the technological environment through teleworking, online education, telemedicine, and distance sports, as well as the promotion of electronic commerce and shared storage of documents in the cloud. Digital transformation has accelerated between six and ten years.

Today, we can witness the consolidation of the trends that revolutionized the market last year. Promoting the use of technology as a tool to engage with employees and consumers is expected. They affect organizations of all sizes and all sectors.

Collective displacement

Some experts have named this massive move of activities to the digital world whereby homes became offices, schools, and gyms – they call it “collective displacement.” It is a change that is also reflected in the fact that many citizens prefer larger homes. This phenomenon has also caused people to select a more digital interaction, much safer than physical contact. Companies will need new solutions to offer experiences outside the physical spaces in which, until recently, brands and customers interacted”, the report details.

That is why classes and even training sessions and virtual purchases arise these days. Testing products remotely were gaining prominence thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality. One of the makeup multinational companies uses this latest technology to get shoppers to experience their items. It does so through an application that turns the mobile device’s screen into a mirror. In such a way, the effect of the cosmetic on the customer’s image is shown. Another example of innovation in health care that has opted for virtual appointments is via video calls and text messages or WhatsApp.

Enhanced interaction with customers

Innovation does not depend solely on technology. It is also the result of ingenuity, experts explain. After the pandemic outbreak, organizations were faced with the challenge of attracting more customers using their tools. There are variables that we cannot control. Still, we can educate organizations to think in the context of users and understand their experience. Now, more than ever, companies must pivot before new needs and create products and services that fulfill their brand purpose and become a business of experience. Few of the world’s leading sportswear companies have enhanced interaction with customers by offering them the creation of their shoe models based on basic designs on their website. Companies and people have adapted to working, producing, and offering different services in record time.

The advancement of gambling

Over the years, gambling has undergone a remarkable change. The existence of online casinos and bookmakers represents undeniable proof for this. Presently, those interested in trying their luck can do so in two ways: physical location or the Internet. The latter implies some advantages over the traditional model, such as the comfort and privacy they allow. However, many players still prefer classic casinos due to their environment. One of the examples that best proves the evolution of games of chance is the slot machine.

These machines were placed in bars or arcades in the old days and were a pretty basic product in terms of fun. However, slots have been completely transformed with online gambling tech and do not resemble the initial model.

Nowadays, there are thousands of online slots with different themes and functionalities. Many of them include elaborate graphics, videos, and animations, and, in addition, they have multiple mini-games. Imagine an online casino of the future. You will be able to enter a particular interactive room as it was a bar, where other people with their avatars will be present as well. You will chat, have a drink or discuss a game topic. Of course, there will be an analog in physical casinos, where guests can order drinks from robots and socialize with the AI. The casino dress code is also said to be influenced by the advancement of the casino’s socializing services. Live dealer casino games have also been popular casino trends in recent years. They are expected to have an even more significant impact on the online gaming industry in the future.

Cloud business

The cloud is nothing more than an interconnected computer assembly located in a fortress called a data center. Email information, photos, and many other data such as passwords are stored and computer programs in it. This tool has been essential for the operation of many businesses during the pandemic. It allows information to be shared with several people at the same time. Since telecommuting began, those companies that were already using the cloud could react quickly and move forward in the face of uncertainty. In 2021, its use will be essential, especially in smaller companies. They will be able to host their office automation applications. That includes spreadsheets or word processors and accounting management, electronic invoicing, and their computer security systems, which are mostly offered through the cloud.

New social media platforms

Some reports reflect that before the health crisis, many brands had transferred their advertising to social networks. With the pandemic, this trend has gained even more strength. Companies and artists, and even politicians have found a quick and close way of transmitting their messages on these platforms. There have been meetings with politicians and artists on one social network designed for live broadcasts. It has become popular because gamers (video game players) share their games with the audience, made up of several million users between 13 and 34. Precisely online games have also become spaces for promotion.

The Democratic Party in the USA promoted the vote for its candidates, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, through a video game in the last presidential elections. In it, players turn deserted islands into communities filled with human-like animals. There, the Democratic Party built one in which the players accessed a lot of information about the new President of the United States.

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