What Are Shoppable Videos And How To Apply Them In Your Business

What Are Shoppable Videos And How To Apply Them In Your Business

Shoppable Videos : If only a few years ago we had been told that today we could buy products from a video, the idea alone would have seemed to us a futuristic tale very little credible. But it’s 2020 and

In a commercial world where online presence is an essential part of the business, and digital content is king, the connection between sales and content was inevitable.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen on Instagram images of products that we can buy online through a click. Everything happens smoothly and the purchase process is done practically without leaving the eCommerce platform .

Why Are ‘Shoppable Videos’ A Rising Trend?

It is estimated that in 2020, each internet user invests an average of about 43 minutes a day watching videos on the network. But this metric has not always been the case, and that is that the consumption of video content has been increasing year after year, partly due to the growing interest of creators who use this format to communicate with their audience.

On the other hand, online payment methods have improved a lot recently, which inevitably means that more and more people are encouraged to make purchases through the internet. The peculiarity of online commerce is that unlike traditional, customers cannot see or touch the products.

That is why the content through which we show our products must be of quality so that users can appreciate every last detail, and there is nothing better for this purpose than the video format.

The main advantage of native sales content on social networks and platforms is that the customer can complete their purchase process in fewer steps. In this way, the acquisition of the product is much more fluid, providing the user with an innovative and attractive digital experience, as a complementary channel to eCommerce.

How Do Shoppable Videos Work?

Shopping videos work more or less like shopping images. To create one of these interactive videos you will need a tool such as Instagram Shopping tags. Then you must add the catalog of your e-commerce, with prices and images. This process is easier if you have a store with platforms like Shopify or PrestaShop .

Once you have loaded your product catalog, you can start generating content in video format. The particularity of videos compared to images is that in the first case you can set several tags at different points in the footage as the products appear. This makes the content much richer and more fluid in the eyes of the viewer.

When a tagged product appears on the screen, a small dot will flash just above it. By clicking on that point, a small label will appear with the price and the name of the product, which in turn will be linked to the sales page of our online eCommerce store. Doesn’t sound bad at all, right?

Tools To Create Your Own Shoppable Videos

It may seem that creating one of these interactive videos must be something tremendously complicated, but nothing could be further from the truth! Being a booming trend, there are many tools on the net so you can create your own shopping videos in a fairly simple way.


As it could not be otherwise, the leading video platform on the web also has its own tools so that users can purchase products from the content they show.

In this case, it is more of a plugin for YouTube’s advertising program , although if you invest in ads you will most likely find these new features very useful. Thus, viewers who see your ads can directly access the product in question.


Since 2018, the native integration of purchase in the Instagram content itself is a reality. And this extends to both image and video formats.

The operation of this platform is really simple, as we tell you in this post. You just have to connect your online store with your business profile on Instagram, and they approve your application for Instagram Shopping and voila , you can now tag up to 5 products per video.

PopShop Live

This proposal is somewhat different from the rest, since in this case, sales are made from a live video. Life-streaming has skyrocketed in recent months, and has become an indispensable tool for online content creators.

In this way, brands that want to collaborate with influencers on the network can integrate their store with the PopShop Live application and in this way, these content creators can tag the products that they show in their direct shows within the tool itself.

Amazon Live

The e-commerce giant also has its own live-video streaming tool through Amazon Live Creator tags. It is a more suitable tool for influencers who want to recommend products that are sold on Amazon and want to tag them through affiliate links.

However, it is always interesting to know that this option exists if we sell our products through this retailer and influencer marketing is part of our strategy.

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