What Are The Best Apps For Freelancers?

What Are The Best Apps For Freelancers?

In this article, we discuss about the best apps for freelancers

Self-employed will know that “I cook it, I eat it” is the principle that governs activity. So, it is not bad that there are tools that facilitate day to day, such as the famous calendar applications that synchronize with smart speakers will give you absolute control.

 These are the applications for freelancers that from this moment you should have installed on your smartphone:


GoToMeeting has 2.5 million users making video calls and meetings around the world. Freelancers knows that work calls him wherever he is. It also automatically syncs with your calendar to connect with your client when the meeting is scheduled. In addition, you don’t need to register, or enter any bank details.


Slack is the alternative to email. Slack will allow you to have much more fluid conversations with your client and make calls. Its word search system is much finer than email. Slack is a channel with customers.

You can also create channels based on the interests of your business and they all grouped together so that, at a glance, you can access the conversations that interest you at all times much faster. If you sync it with Apple Watch, control will be supreme.


Anfix is for Accounting and billing. One of the most annoying things in life is having an expense and not knowing where it comes from. Anfix will make it much easier for you to have your accounts tied up. 

You will be able to know at all times the taxes applied to your activity, the situation of your stock, have control of your expenses, your headaches, connect directly with an advisor or self-fill documents for the bank.  If you think you need someone else to help you out, at Anfix you have a long list of managers who will be willing to do so.


The organization is one of the fundamental pillars of any freelancers. If you keep track of all your tasks in Trello, you won’t miss a beat. Through a card system, you can organize and name your tasks adding date, headline, subtitle, description and even multimedia file, from your computer or from Drive if you need it. You can also include your customers, so you will both be aware of the deliveries. You can work offline. The cards you create will automatically sync when you get it back.


It is an application that organizes information, quite famous, you may already know it. If you need order in your life, she easily saves everything that matters, captures Internet articles or handwritten notes, and takes photos. Your words, images and documents are always at hand. It also has a very powerful search engine so that you can find them easily. It allows you to write notes and create a common workspace based on shared notebooks.


Time passes, and although your pace of life does not allow you to think about it, many things happen. With Toggl you will be able to count the hours you dedicate to each of your day-to-day tasks. Of course, you should be the one who remembers to hit the stopwatch and also stop it. Don’t worry if one day you get lost, the application will send you a warning in case you forgot to pause the timer when finishing a task. Through geolocation it also counts the hours you spend in each place.

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