Tips To Capture The Best Pictures with Smartphones

Tips To Capture The Best Pictures with Smartphones

In this article, we will explain in depth analysis about tips to capture best pics with smartphones.

It takes a really skilled photographer to create a great image. It is really very easy, as long as we follow a few important rules about how to focus, exposure time, composition and photo editing.

Advantage Of Light  

Our photographs will improve as much as the light that we can take advantage of, we will consider this, the second of the most important rules. This is the most important aspect of photography, so it is no matter where you are taking photos, or what camera we are using.

The first thing we have to do is observe our surroundings and see where the light is coming from. We may be receiving light from a lamp, through a window, or simply from direct sunlight. Once we learn to take advantage of the direction and quality of this light, we are on our way to taking better photos.


Climb to the top of a ledge or lie on the ground. Everything is allowed so that our point of view is the one we wanted to express in our photography. But we must not take unnecessary risks, lest we suffer an accident.

We can zoom in, focus on subtle details, even use macro mode. Make enlargements or zoom out to give context to our capture.


We rely on the light of the Flash in some situations, but what we have to understand is that our photographs are not always going to be improved by the use of the flash.

The most modern smartphones have flashes with balanced colors that help us a lot, and that can be of great help.


When taking a screenshot, we can have different perspectives depending on the way we take our smartphones. It is possible that some of the photos that we can take will not be repeated. So taking some photos horizontally and others vertically can help us choose the best orientation.

Another thing is where we will see the photos later. Perhaps the panoramic format is much more appreciated on monitor screens or when printing

Photography with the front cameras of our terminals has become very fashionable, so much of the most spontaneous images are taken in this way. The orientation of the smartphone and the final result is a decision of each one, we must be clear, regarding the usefulness that we give to the capture.

Panoramic Mode

The panoramic mode of mobile cameras is a useful resource if it offers good quality . Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the LG G5 offer tens of megapixels in their panoramas . Other terminals are not so good at this point.

So, we use an LG G5 to do a sweeping panorama. That is, by moving the smartphone from left to right, we get it to photograph and join the images automatically. Sometimes there are gluing errors, but overall the results are quite good.


Taking a photo in cold conditions, or with a lack of balance greatly affects the photographic result. Keeping the camera of our smartphone as fixed as possible is extremely important when taking photos in low light or at night.

To take the best shots in these conditions we need to use a slower shutter speed. This will allow the phone’s camera sensor to pick up more light. In the case of suffering any type of movement, the result will be a blurred image.

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