What Are The Most Dangerous Viruses?

What Are The Most Dangerous Viruses?

The hackers intend to steal our data or even ransom our data, to protect and recover our data the only option is to pay them. For this reason, it is important to choose a good antivirus. The antivirus helps us to protect ourselves from Malware, Trojans with different types of viruses among others.

What Are The Most Dangerous Viruses?

Nowadays the use of new technologies has led us to be able to manage or process everything we need online, and for that reason, hackers know it, there are more and more viruses and each time more powerful. Some of the most dangerous viruses are:

SQL Slammer

SQL slammer does not install itself on the hard disk of the computers but in the RAM. Thus, it disappeared with a simple reboot but that was enough to infect half the world in just 15 minutes. It affected airlines, ATMs and left South Korea and Portugal without Internet, caused serious risk for many people. SQL injection cheat sheet is also commonly found vulnerability in many web applications.


It deserves to be on this list for a very simple reason, and that is that it was the first to seek to extend the damage beyond the computer being infected. Stuxnet is capable of spying on and re-programming industrial SCADA control and motorization systems, being considered at the time as “a terrifying cyber weapon”, as it could cause damage in the real world. 

Its extension was limited but implied an enormous risk. For example, it was detected in the Bushehr nuclear power plant and the Natanz Nuclear Complex, located in Iran, causing centrifugal units to enrich uranium to go crazy and self-destruct. Fortunately, it did not produce serious consequences that could have led to a nuclear catastrophe.

CHI or Chernobyl Virus

This virus appeared in 1998 and targeted systems equipped with Windows 95, 98. It is estimated that it infected a total of  60 million computers, causing total losses of around millions, especially due to the value of the information being destroyed. Once inside the infected computer, CHI would delete the information from the computer, but it could also suppress the BIOS, making it impossible to boot and work.


This is the virus that had the “honor” of being described by Microsoft itself as the computer virus that has caused the most destruction in all history and emerged in 2004. It did not spread as quickly as SQL Slammer, but it had a much greater impact, affecting hard disk sector 0s , also known as the primary boot sector or MBR, a problem that at the time was unsolvable and which therefore left them useless.

They were offered a huge reward to anyone who gave information about the creator of this virus, who was never identified. During its existence, it generated damages of almost millions of dollars.

I Love You

This is one of the best-known viruses, arrived back in 2000, disguised as an email with overtones of romance. In a time when users were much more naive and improvable anti-spam filters managed to infect more than 50 million computers very quickly. The love virus generated billions in losses, affecting such important entities as the Pentagon or the British Parliament.

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