What Is Entrepreneurial Marketing

What Is Entrepreneurial Marketing

Entrepreneurial Marketing : Marketing has traditionally been understood as the set of techniques for marketing a product . It is the way in which companies establish a direct link with consumers to satisfy a need. However, in the face of the challenges posed by an increasingly dynamic market and the leading role assumed by different types of audiences, the original concept has been progressively adapted.

Currently, marketing strategies no longer only focus on marketing, but also cover other aspects such as design, market research and after-sales stages. In fact, in the current scenario it is impossible to talk about only one type of marketing. 

In the last decade, multiple ways of exercising this task have appeared. The presence of the Internet has substantially changed the forms of the market as they were conceived until the end of the 20th century. A good part of the strategies has been transferred to digital tools, such as web pages, social networks and other platforms of a similar nature. 

Types Of Marketing

Taking this into account, new terms have been added to the traditional concept of marketing. The list could be much broader, but here we leave you some of the most recurrent in the current scene: 

Online marketing

It refers to market strategies that use digital tools for dissemination and marketing. This type of marketing is the one that best stages the emergence of the Internet and new technologies in the commercial field. 

The term was coined in the middle of the last decade and from then on it has become an indispensable tool for brand positioning and notoriety. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube are some of the most used channels for generating virtual communities, not necessarily customers. It is also called Social Media.


This marketing applies neuroscientific techniques in order to analyse the behaviour of the human brain in the face of advertising stimuli or those related to consumption. Strategies are developed based on the results of these studies.

Social Marketing

These are strategies aimed at promoting social work or promoting well-being in communities and environments. In some cases they can be linked to the marketing of a good or service; in others, they are carried out independently under the label of “social work”.

Green marketing

It is another of the concepts typical of recent years. It refers to market actions that promote products or services designed for the care and conservation of the environment. Its main objective is to foster a sense of social responsibility in companies.

Comprehensive Marketing

As its name implies, it is the one that brings together combined strategies of all media in the same campaign. It is used to draw the attention of the public from various fronts or channels. It involves more costs than a conventional type strategy, but the penetration objectives are almost guaranteed. Other ways of calling it are Ubiquitous or Holistic Marketing.


This branch of marketing is the one in charge of collecting information about a specific audience according to its geographical location. The place of origin, culture, climate or geographical elements also influence people’s consumption habits and their behaviour.

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