What Are The Tips For Making YouTube Ads ?

What Are The Tips For Making YouTube Ads ?

YouTube Ads features are often left out of conversations where sites like Facebook and Twitter seem to reign supreme. Keep in mind that our brain is visual and therefore, visual content manages to capture greater attention, acceptance and interaction among the public that consumes them.

Tips For making YouTube Ads

Marketers agree that for a YouTube ads to be successful, you must  know your target audience . This implies knowing what their interests, needs, concerns are . Then it is necessary to  show how that product or service can cover all those needs  of the audience.

Finding the type of profile that could be interested in that product or service so that the ad can reach you. To do this, the information collected by YouTube about each of the users must be used, such as content viewing times, type of content. Another key aspect of achieving success through YouTube Ads is creating  interesting and engaging content for the audience .

For the user to see the ad to the end, it must be eye-catching from the beginning. Finally, we also recommend  using a Call to Action  so that the public knows what to do next. In other words, you have to show the user who has reached the end the way forward. This means that a link must be left that leads to the product, the service, the website .

We should remember that it is very important to  know the YouTube rules and follow them . This implies, in addition to creating appropriate content, respecting the formats and sizes of each of the types of ads on this platform. In case of breaking any rule, YouTube could report the account.

Different Formats Of YouTube Ads

YouTube offers different  advertising formats , which have been designed to meet the different needs or objectives of a brand.

Non-skippable ads  

Unlike the previous ones, these types of ads cannot be skipped and must be seen before the video starts. They should not exceed 30 seconds and that the image be 300×60 pixels.

Displaying Of Ads 

These appear on the right side of the video. Their maximum duration is 30 seconds and the size of the image will be 300×250 pixels, so they are intended for large devices.


Banners are usually images that are displayed at one end of the screen, on the outside of the video. Unlike a display ad, this is a still image. The main objective is to attract the user and click on it, since they are ads that are paid for impressions received. The size is usually 300×250 pixels and they are intended for the desktop version.

Personalized Cards

They show products content of the video. They are intended for any type of device and must be an image that does not exceed 2 MB.

Skippable Ads 

These Ads allow the user to choose whether to skip the ad after 5 seconds have played. They are played before the video and up to two can appear. They are designed for any type of device, so their measurements must be 300 × 60 pixels.

Overlapping ads

They are at the bottom of the video and can occupy up to 20% of it. Its size can range from 480 × 70 to 728×90 pixels depending on whether image or text is used. They are intended for users who consume content from a computer.

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