5 Powerful Reasons Why Your Startup Needs To Use Video

5 Powerful Reasons Why Your Startup Needs To Use Video


Businesses persist because of marketing. Even the most demanded product/service needs marketing in this intensely competitive world. Firstly, there are too many players for the same product in the market. Secondly, consumers, in general, are overwhelmed with information all around. Hence, as a startup, you have no choice but to amp up your marketing strategies to stand apart. Video Marketing is a brilliant marketing hack that every startup, brand and company needs to incorporate into their digital marketing plan. Start video marketing right away if you are venturing into the business world and new to a brilliant startup. Let us give you 5 solid reasons to use videos from the day of inception. 

Video Increases Awareness:

Stop writing paragraphs telling people who you are. Videos capture attention longer than any other content form in general. If you want to tell people how great your startup is and how different it is, do that through a video. People will feel a connection and grasp the contents of your video thoroughly. Think of it as a movie; people stay glued to it. Similarly, if you create a visually appealing and well-thought-out video, it will remain imprinted in the viewers’ minds. 

People tend to recall videos for one month after watching them. As a startup, you would want people to remember your brand consistently as a fun market player that could potentially fulfil their needs. 

Here are some brilliant ways to incorporate video to enhance your startup awareness. 

  • Tell your startup story in person. People tend to move towards emotional and intellectual content. Be the face of your brand and tell your story through a video. Link this video to your landing pages, websites, social media and other relevant platforms. 
  • Start Vlogging on YouTube. Spread the knowledge and information that you have. Educate viewers and let them learn something phenomenal from you. 
  • Give glimpses of behind the scenes at work. You don’t need to portray perfection in videos. Be raw and unfiltered. This approach will give you increased recognition. 
  • Let your clients share their experiences. Video testimonials are a brilliant source for capturing and converting high-quality leads. 
  • Product and service videos are crucial to intrigue the interest of viewers. Images and product descriptions don’t play as competent a role in converting clients as a video does. 

Creating engaging and well-converting videos requires skills and patience. You can make any video from scratch in a few minutes using a video maker online. However, invest time to learn new tools and skills and ensure that the video you put forth converts. 

Remember that no video is better than a poorly edited video. 

Search Engines Love Videos:

What is the end goal of marketing? 

One may adopt different methods to capture the attention and generate leads, but the end goal is conversion always. And in this online world, everything depends on visibility. If created content is not visible on a search engine, no amount of good marketing will be rewarding. 

Adding videos to your website increases your chance of appearing on Google’s front page 53 times. Only when you are visible in top searches would people learn about you. Hence, it’s crucial to embed as many relevant videos as possible on your websites. 

Further, incorporate SEO even while uploading videos on your YouTube channels. Optimise your YouTube videos. Be precise with captions, titles, descriptions and video contents. Add a link back to your website, landing pages and product pages. YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. Besides, now that Google owns YouTube, there are plenty of reasons for you to start video marketing campaigns for your startup. 

Video Drives Conversions And Increases Sales:

Start incorporating videos in every step of your sales pitch. Use videos to generate leads, educate the viewers, and convert leads into sales. Sales are psychological. Connect with the chords of the viewers to lure them. An emotional video drives its viewers to take action. Statistics reveal that video on a landing page boosts conversion by 80%. Well, enough for you to add videos to your marketing campaign. 

Sales leads acquired through video are high-quality leads. They tend to convert in most cases. People have already moved to the next step after watching your video. They are now open to understanding what you have to offer, the products and their benefits. They will take further action when guided correctly and feasibly.

People Love Watching Videos:

YouTube reports 2 million+ hours of watch time daily. We are yet not talking about other social media platforms. But statistics indicate that 90% of content will be video-driven in the next two years—all the more reasons to get started. 

People love watching videos. It offers required information in a fun and captivating manner in less time. Besides, visual graphics aid in capturing attention for a long time, and you can use a video maker online to achieve this. Whatever you wish to convey, video is the most powerful way of doing so. 

Video Builds Trust:

Trust is of paramount importance in today’s business. In an online world, establishing trust can be difficult. With video, you put a personality to your startup. People connect with an interactive video. The best way to create such videos is by being the face of your startup. Let people see whom they deal with when they choose to purchase from you. Establishing brand connections will ensure long term relationships, something you would want to carve your goodwill into. 


In a nutshell, video is a powerful marketing tool for your startup. You could quickly achieve your short and long-term marketing goals with a carved out proper strategy and implementation. Remain consistent with video marketing and improvise the quality of content you put forth. Don’t be a sales-driven, torturing salesperson appearing on their screen every day. Be subtle with your creative campaigns, and you will be rewarded.

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