Is It Essential To Carry Out A Computer Audit?

Is It Essential To Carry Out A Computer Audit?

Over the years and technological advances, digitization is increasingly integrated into different business processes: from simple control of the working day to digitizing and delivering sensitive documents. Conducting computer audits has very beneficial side effects since they improve the company’s public image, the confidence that users have in the security of their systems, and reduce the costs associated with poor quality of service. 

The systems we are using are of great importance or not, are susceptible to failures either their own or the result of improper use, and may present security flaws. These errors can compromise the integrity of the system and the data it handles. It is therefore that the computer audit has as its objectives the analysis of computer systems, the verification of compliance with the regulations in this area, and the review of the management of computer resources.

What Are The Fundamental Steps Of A Computer Audit?

It is important to remember that it should always be carried out by an independent entity that has no interest in our company when conducting a computer audit, to carry out a thorough and objective analysis without any kind of influence. Here are the three fundamental steps of a computer audit 

Project Planning 

It is the stage where all the problems (objectives) arise to be addressed in the later stages of the audit process. As we can imagine, not all companies have the same requirements when they commission a computer audit. In one case, the computer network is perfect and they do not have problems with their physical equipment, but they have flaws in their security systems.

In another case, the opposite may happen and we find a perfect security system, but failures in the network and physical systems. This is why the auditor, in close collaboration with the employees and personnel involved, must establish personalized objectives for each case.

 Determining the objectives to be met and making an inventory of all aspects concerning the computer systems and uses in the company. After the establishment of the audit objectives through the analysis stage, the inventory of the existing computer components and the uses that are given to these within the company. 

IT Risk Analysis

 It risks analysis is the stage where all computer assets must be identified, the vulnerabilities they present, what threats they are exposed to, and what probability and impact they have once they occur. Thanks to this identification, the relevant controls can be determined to accept, reduce, transfer or completely avoid the occurrence of these risks. 

The risk analysis includes Identification of the assets, legal, and business requirements relevant to the process. Valuation of said assets and the impact that would imply their vulnerability. And Identification of vulnerabilities and threats that may occur. Risk calculation. Risk assessment of these vulnerabilities and threats. Once these steps have been completed, and the risks having been correctly defined, and proceed to manage at the last step. 

IT Risk Management 

This is the last step where all the measures will be taken to solve the already occurring problems and prevent the risks that could occur in the future. It is at this point where we find four forms of action in the face of the risks detected: 

Sharing The Risk

Utilizing an agreement and the impossibility of facing the risk by oneself, the management of it is transferred to a third party specialized in dealing with said type of risks. 

Control Risk

It consists of strengthening the controls that are already in place in the company and proceed to add new ones that help.

 Assume The Risk 

In this case, it is determined that the risk is assumable and therefore it is accepted. 

Eliminate Risk 

To eliminate risk, the asset that is causing the risk is directly eliminated, therefore, transitively, this risk is also eliminated.

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