Get Free Edu Email And Amazing Discounts And Free Services

Get Free Edu Email And Amazing Discounts And Free Services

Edu email extensions are provided only to students and teachers who belong to educational institutions, while most of the “.edu” email domains are registered by US universities and colleges. Students or teaching staff at these institutions can get their personal email address with .edu email extension and a vast majority of students are not getting this type of email address, especially those students who are not studying in the US. The .edu email addresses are amazing when it comes to lots of discounts and free services on software and services. In this article, we will discuss how to get free .EDU email address and get amazing discounts.

But before going to the procedure of getting the free Edu email let’s discuss some of the discounts and benefits of the .edu email address.

Benefits Of Free Edu Email

In 2021, everyone who has got many cool offers and discounts through the EDU mail address. For example, it offered Amazon Prime subscription free for 1 whole Year, the Last Pass offered premium accounts free for 6 months, Connectify awarded premium accounts for free, Microsoft offered Xbox 360 for Windows7 PC, Microsoft Office came with an amazing 50% discount. And, not only this, but there are many more offers available for free like Dropbox space, and 1 month free trial of Hulu Plus that are still available only for students. Below are some other benefits of the .edu email address:

  • Amazon Prime Free for 6 months.
  • Github Free student pack.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Flat 50% discount on all Adobe Creative Cloud products.
  • Google Drive: Unlimited Google Drive storage and other additional tools.
  • Last Pass Premium: Premium offers Free for six months for students.
  • Autodesk: Free access to most software.
  • Amazon AWS: AWS coupon of $15 Amazon.
  • Digital Ocean: $50 Digital Ocean coupon for new accounts and will be expired in 12 months after availing it.
  • Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure cloud suit and services with developer tools: Microsoft Azure cloud, Visual Studio Community version, and other Microsoft developer tools for students.
  • SendGrid: Offers 15,000 free emails per month for the Student plan with 15,000 for students.
  • com: Offers 1 year “.ME” domain name that typically costs $18.99/year with 1 year SSL security certificate having a cost of $10/year.
  • Bitnami: Gives the Business 3 plan valid for one year that generally costs $49 per/ month.
  • LastPass: LastPass provides six months of Premium account for users having a .EDU email address.
  • Apple: Discount up to $200 on Apple computers and laptops.
  • Newegg Premier: Newegg Premier one-year subscription that costs you $50.
  • Amazon: You will be able to use the Amazon Prime subscription account for free for six months.

Now when we are done discussing the benefits let us now see the method of how to get the .edu email for free.

How To Get Free Edu Email:

The method is simple and easy, all you have to do is follow the steps listed below:

  • Open the CCCApply website in the browser.
  • Select the Canada College from the available options under Select community colleges.
  • Apply for Admission and fill the form shown in the next step in the process.
  • Use the California address and school details when applying for admission.
  • After completing the process you will receive your free email id with the .Edu email extension.


The method to get the free Edu email address is a piece of cake. The Edu email addresses the best thing anyone could have to avail amazing free services and discounts on almost every service in the world. The Edu email is awarded to students and teachers that are currently on service in a university or college. However, you can avail it without being a student following the above method.

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